Aug 29, 2016

My first dUCk (read as dUCkscarves)

Masa dUCk mula-mula keluar dulu, I was wondering what is soo special about dUCkscarves that makes people crazy about it. My first impression is like, tudung plain je pun tapi rege ratus-ratus, memang gila lah diorang ni =_='

Bila tengok dekat price tag dia, jaw drop! How can the girls out there bought so many dUCks and even they make it as their hobby, mengumpul dUCkscarves, hence the #duckhunting on instagram

But recently, entah mana datang pengaruh tiba-tiba I fall in love with the brand. Sumpahan agaknya. Orang cakap jangan terlalu benci, nanti jatuh centa. Ingatkan dekat orang je, dekat tudung pun boleh babes ;p So, I decided to buy one for me ^_^ Let see wether it is worth it or not!

My parcel!

I bought my very first dUCkscarves from FashionValet website. Kalau nak beli dekat website, memang kena alert dengan update diorang dekat instagram (@theduckgroup). They will announce which range and colour that will be restocked but no exact time given. So, memang kena sentiasa refresh website. The #duckbattle is real I tell you! Untuk orang yang tinggal kat KL, you can get dUCkscarves at FashionValet Bangsar (Bangsar Village 2) or at theduckstore in Pavilion, KL. I bought from the website because I was in Kelantan for semester break. 

Now, let the dUCkscarves review begin!

I bought my dUCkscarves during festive season, so I got two packets of sampul raya!
dUCk ribbon close-up
Slight damage to my box :(
The hard casing box itself makes this product luxurious. Plus the signature dUCk ribbon gives it an extra points!

What's inside:

Every box of dUCkscarves comes with personalised thank you card from D (the mysterious person behind dUCk brand), D's style card and not to forget, your dUCkscarves wrapped in signature dUCk wrapping paper. Seronok betul bila beli barang and boleh unboxing! Rasa macam dapat hadiah. That feeling tho ;)

My first dUCk is from premium basic range which is mixed crepe shawl in Peppermint
dUCk mixed crepe shawl in Peppermint
dUCk signature silver charm

Kat bawah ni gambar dekat website. The colour is slightly different. So, kalau korang memang very concern about the colour, you may want to see it with your naked eyes by visiting theduckstore in Pavilion or FV Bangsar. Don't waste your money on things that you'll regret later. 
Credits to dUCk website

This shawl's length is 173cm and 68cm width. The cutting is perfect for me! It has like a zigzag finished along the scarves. At first I think it is weird, but it doesn't give any weirdness to my face. Thank God!

Disebabkan terlalu excited, when I get my hands on this scarves, terus try pakai with different style. Senang nak iron, no doubt. And memang senang bentuk kat muka. It gives flowy effect and drapes beautifully. Even the scarves is thin, it is still opaque. Memang tak jarang. Sesuai dengan cuaca kat Malaysia ni. Thumbs up!

Lepas dah try pakai with different style, I realised there are pin marks on my scarves. Obviously caused by me lah ;D A bit turn-off for me but of course, mana-mana tudung pun akan berlubang sebab pakai jarum kan =_=' The pin marks will stay :/

Pin mark

I love how this scarves stay put on me. Anis dah pakai scarves ni sekali je baru and lepas tu terus basuh. One whole day anis pakai tudung ni. Memang melekat foundation dekat tudung, plus dengan peluh nye lagi >_< But no worries, the stain is easily washed off. Impressive! 

Kalau nak diikutkan hati, I really want more dUCks in my collection especially their limited edition! One fine day, I will have my hands on it :) I'm not an avid dUCkies, but surely my collection will keep increasing from time to time ^_^ This dUCkscarves may not be a necessary thing to buy but once you fall in love with it, you just can't hold yourself to buy more and more! My next mission is to grab the georgette or satin silk dUCks! Wish me luck *_^

Till then,


  1. Esk satin silk pula restock.. plg popular 50shades skrg. Blilah.. 😁

    1. memang selalu fail la kak nak dapat... kacing2 $ pun tadak skrg ni :/

  2. Tudiaaa! Pika pun fkir berkali kali nak beli duck ni.. Hehhehhh

    1. Buy one first then make your judgement pika :)


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