Jul 4, 2016

Breena Beauty Face Luxe Brush review

Dah lama sebenarnya anis aim nak beli Face Luxe Brush dari Breena Beauty tapi selalu out of stock ;( And bila diorang dah restock balik brush ni, cecepat order ^_^ Thank you dekat Mr. AA sebab belanja :p

Suka betul tengok packaging dari Breena Beauty, cantik! The product is nicely wrapped with pink wrapping paper, tied with white ribbon and comes together with a note card. Rasa macam dapat hadiah walaupun dah tahu apa kat dalam tu ^_^

Product Packaging:

Front                                                                    Back

The box looks feminine yet sexy at the same time. The lace flower print plus the nude colour of the font and at the side of the box makes it looks sexy for me... I don't know why, but I feel it is kinda sexy LOL! The brush itself looks luxurious with white and rose gold handle.

Sedikit info tentang brush ni:
Face Luxe Brush is a multitasking brush that works great with both powders & liquid formula products. It creates a soft focus airbrush finish to your skin. Best used in buffing & padding motion. It features soft dome sculpture shape & ultra soft (non-animal hair) synthetic bristles for an effortless, seamless & natural effect makeup application.
This brush work best with:
- Face Powder
- Powder Foundation
- Loose Powder
- Mineral Powder
- Translucent Powder
- Pressed Powder
- Liquid Foundation
- Bronzer

Before this anis pernah tengok youtube tentang makeup brush dan anis ada beberapa tips nak share dengan korang tentang makeup brush. Salah satunya ialah kalau korang nak pakai foundation atau nak bagi makeup korang nampak padat, korang kena guna brush yang bulu nya padat. Cara nak tahu bulu brush tu padat ke tak, korang tekan brush macam gambar kat bawah ni. Makin tebal brush bila korang tekan, maknanya makin padat brush tu. Tips seterusnya, makeup brush yang padat sangat bagus sebabnya ia dapat 'memegang' makeup product lebih banyak. So jimat masa! :)

Untuk test brush ni, anis dot liquid foundation dekat tangan anis macam dalam gambar bawah ni: 

Untuk foundation belah kiri anis blend guna tangan dan foundation belah kanan anis blend guna Face Luxe Brush from Breena Beauty. Memang nampak beza bila blend guna tangan dan brush. When I use brush, the foundation looks less cakey and more flawless with airbrush finish but I think I need to topup more foundation to make a better coverage. Berbanding kalau guna tangan, foundation nampak tebal dan tak sekata.

What I can say about this brush is it is worth to buy because it is considered as affordable and it works wonders. The bristles is made of synthetic but it is super soft to your skin. This brush has a dense bristles which qualifies it as a good quality brush. Moreover, Breena Beauty is a local brand (Malaysia), so let's support local brand! Other than Face Luxe Brush, there are also other type of brushes available. Check on their website here.

Face Luxe Brush (B101)
Buy here
Website: http://breenabeauty.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/breenabeauty
Twitter: https://twitter.com/breenabeauty
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