Jun 22, 2015


Sephora is a well-know brand especially among the ladies which offers a wide range of makeup items at the best price. Women who are looking for affordable yet quality make up items will definitely fall in love with Sephora beauty collection and I am one of those women. Many women have been spreading the word about Sephora collection and there are four top Sephora products that you should add into your make up kit.

1. Smoky Studio Eye Palette
The Sephora Smoky Studio Eye Palette is a makeup item which ever women should absolutely own. It has a wide array of eyeshadow colours which you could try on depending on your mood. The palette has every colour you ever need to spice up your make up. Oh my God! This is definitely a must-own palette for every beauty junkies!

2. Sephora Lipsticks
If you are looking for affordable yet long lasting lipsticks, Sephora lipstick collection offers stunning lip colours which you could choose from. Ranging from nude shades, coral, pink hues to bright red, you can make your lips look kissable all day long. Choose a lip colour which enhances your facial features and be confident as the colour is very long lasting.

3. Smoothing Concealer
Yes, I can't deny that there are those days where I just have a sudden pimple break out which needs to be quickly fixed, especially for now because I am in the middle of final exams and pimples seems to be growing on my face >_< A good concealer is always the trick to solve my worries away. Gladly, there is a good concealer from Sephora. With Sephora smoothing concealer, you can cover up the spots on your face and get the flawless looking skin in a matter of minutes.

4. Lash Primer
Sephora lash primer provides women the solution of having longer lashes which are hydrated for a fresh appearance. Curl your lashes and apply a few strokes of lash primer and feel amazing the entire day. Make your eyes feel alive and get your Sephora Online makeup items today at ZALORA.

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  1. Baru tau sephora ni barang make up sebenonye . Hak hak hak , Thanks for sharing



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