Apr 29, 2015

Pure Beauty Youth Restore Official Launch @ Cruise Tasik Putrajaya

First of all, thank you to Watsons for the invitation. I was excited to be on board together with fellow medias and bloggers to experience exclusive official launch of Pure Beauty Youth Restore range at Cruise Tasik Putrajaya.

Pure Beauty Youth Restore Lift & Nourish range
Pure Beauty Youth Restore Lift & Nourish range includes:

1) Pure Beauty Youth Restore Firming Essence (RM69.90)
Highly concentrated active ingredients enrich your skin with new life, promoting restoration, rejuvenation and enhancement of facial contours.

2) Pure Beauty Youth Restore Moisture Day Cream SPF20 (RM54.90)
Complete protection against UVA/UVB rays, free radicals and daily dust particles in the air. Anti-aging Complex helps lift, firm and moisture.

3) Pure Beauty Youth Restore Firming Eye Cream (RM49.90)
Highly concentrated active ingredients reactive your body's youthful signals. It helps lifting eye areas, defining eye contours, reducing dark circles and fine lines for brighter, younger eyes

4) Pure Beauty Youth restore Repair Night Cream (RM55.90)
Highly concentrated active ingredients help reduce fine lines and improve a dull complexion while you sleep. Enjoy fresher, suppler skin from the moment you wake!

.   .   .   .   . 

Before I proceed, I would like to share my experience on how to go to Cruise Tasik Putrajaya by public transport. I was coming from Serdang, so I took:

1) KTM Serdang to KTM Bandar Tasik Selatan with cost RM1. From there, I change to KLIA Transit.

2) From Bandar Tasik Selatan to Putrajaya Sentral by KLIA Transit costs me RM5.30. You can also travel from KL Sentral by KLIA Transit and it will costs you RM9.50.

3) From Putrajaya Sentral to Cruise Tasik Putrajaya, I took Nadi Putra bus for only RM0.50. The bus number is J08 and the it departs every 30 minutes. If you want to reach earlier, you can also take a taxi.

.   .   .   .   .

I hope I am able to help for those in need of above information. So, now let's start the story of the event! Actually, this is my second time boarding on the cruise but this time it is a bit exciting because the whole cruise is booked for us and before entering the cruise, we were greet with necklace flower ^_^

Picture credit to Watsons Malaysia
Three Pure Beauty ladies!
Picture credit to Mira Cikcit
Feelings like going to Hawaii :p
The event start with the product introduction by Regional Product Manager, Joyce Lau. Pure Beauty Youth Restore range gives a luxury skincare benefits to restore skin's youthful appearance. Pure Beauty has created a breakthrough skin rejuvenation formula containing:
1. Liftonin Complex, which boosts elasticity and reduces wrinkles
2. Naturally restorative Red Ginseng Peptide, Green Caviar and Blue Lotus Extracts, to lock in hydration
3. Certified Organic Active Extracts and an Enriched Antioxidant Combo, to enhance soothing and prevent early signs of ageing with clinically proven results, this beautiful new formula is professionally formulated in Korea to help your beauty last forever.

Product introduction by Regional Product Manager, Joyce Lau
Then, Professor Dr. Seong J. Kim (Korea's top Academic Research Dermatoloist) demonstrate skin test before and after applying the Pure Beauty Youth Restore Firming Essence. The skin condition was improving and shows that Pure Beauty products are able to rejuvenate and restore the user's skin to its youthful radiance.
Skin test/demonstration by Professor Dr. Seong J. Kim
Picture credit to Watsons Malaysia
We also have a TV Host Celebrity on board which is Ms. Wong Chui Ling.
Celebrity Host, Ms. Wong Chui Ling shared her user experience after using the products for a month
Picture credit to Watsons Malaysia
"I really like the Youth Restore Eye Cream whereby it helps reduce the appearance of dark circle, puffiness and fine lines, giving me brighter, younger-looking eyes. Furthermore, the Youth Restore Night Cream really works well on my face, it helps to improve dull complexions and giving me supple and radiant skin in the next day morning" said Wong Chui Ling.

Group photo- From left: Ms. Joyce Lau, Regional Product Manager; Professor Seong J. Kim, Dermatologist Endorser; Wong Chui Ling, Celebrity Host; Caryn Loh, Caryn Loh, General Manager – Trading Watsons Malaysia; Danny Hoh, Head of Marketing Watsons Malaysia
Picture credit to Watsons Malaysia

Now, it's time for photo session! It was raining heavily on that day. Luckily the rain stop and we were able to take photos at the front and upstair deck.
It's raining on that day. This photo is taken from inside of the cruise.
View from the front deck
Picture credit to Mira Cikcit

The Bloggers!
Picture credit to Elena Khong
Pure Beauty available exclusively at Watsons.

For more information, kindly visit:
Watsons Malaysia
Website: www.watsons.com.my
Facebook: www.facebook.com/watsonsmalaysia

Till then,


  1. it was awesome to see you there Anis, hope that we can meet again, rindu ;)

    1. Nice to meet you too darling ^_^ Definitely we'll meet again :)

  2. rindu nak naik cruise lagi. last 2yrs kot naik tp time tu morning sickness teruk jd takde mood.

    1. Kalau sakit mesti nak buat ape-ape pun jadi takde mood kan.. Nanti free2 boleh la naik cruise lagi :)


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