Apr 8, 2015

NEESYA LumiScience°TM Skincare review

Kalau dulu, memang susah nak cari local brand yang setanding jenama-jenama antarabangsa. Tapi hari ni, produk-produk buatan Malaysia makin bermutu dan setanding dengan jenama terkenal di pasaran! Kalau korang nak tahu, NEESYA merupakan produk Malaysia di bawah syarikat Skinworkz Sdn Bhd. Dan yang paling penting, produk ini disahkan Halal oleh JAKIM.

"NEESYA means 'Butterfly' in Greek, symbolises the transformation of today's modern individual, unleashing the inner beauty within"

Menggunakan teknologi LumiScience°TM, NEESYA telah mengeluarkan satu rangkaian produk yang dapat membantu mengembalikan seri wajah dan dalam masa yang sama dapat mencerahkan dan meratakan tona kulit. Jaminan 30 hari wang dikembalikan jika anda tidak berpuas hati, *terma & syarat. Kalau korang ada follow anis dekat instagram (@anis_athia), anis ada post pasal NEESYA product yang anis tengah guna sekarang. So, lets start the review!

From left :
- NEESYA Eye & Lip Makeup Remover
-NEESYA Brightening Enzymatic Refiner
- NEESYA Brightening Overnight Mask
NEESYA Illuminating Essence

Comments on packaging: The design is minimalist. All NEESYA products are securely sealed with the exclusive NEESYA sticker and they also stated the expiry date. I like the bottle packaging because it looks like a glass bottle but it is actually made of plastic.

NEESYA Eye & Lip Makeup Remover

-remove waterproof makeup easily
-cleanse eyes and lip gently
-vitamins soften eye-lashes

Instructions: Shake bottle well till two phases well combined (above picture is after shaking it). Soak a cotton pad with the makeup remover and wipe gently over the eye/lip area to remove makeup. Repeat the process with a new pieces of saturated cotton wool until eye/lip area is perfectly clean.

Let's testing it!

I put the cotton pad on my eyelid for few seconds without rubbing and above is the result. It proves it's effectiveness on removing makeups. The makeup remover is so gentle to my skin. I like how my skin condition after using the remover, it hydrates my skin and make my it feels soft. This is may be due to its ingredients that contains Pro-vitamin B5 which softens and moisturises while conditioning eyelashes. It also contains Vitamin A, C & E that helps prevent early signs of aging caused by free-radicals.

NEESYA Illuminating Essence

-evens skin tone

Instructions: To be applied twice daily after cleansing and toning. Pour 4-5 drops onto palm and spread directly over face and neck. Gently tap until fully absorbed and always follow-up with a moisturiser or face cream.

Note: NEESYA products are formulated with the finest active ingredients to give the desired results. Certain skins may experience light tingling or warmth due to the efficacy of the formulation.

This is one of the NEESYA Signature Range product. It is quite watery and translucent. Usually I only use 4 drops per usage and it is actually more than enough to spread on the whole face. This product has its own unique scent. For me it smells like a guy perfume. LOL! Well, it is a bit calming actually >_< After spreading over my face, i feel a bit sticky on my face, maybe because the product is water-based, so it is easily evaporated. Not to worry, after I apply my moisturiser, my skin does not feel sticky anymore. After using it for a week, my skin turns brighter and glowing but not too obvious. Well, I'll still continue using this product till the last drop since it does a great job in brightening my skin ^_^

NEESYA Brightening Enzymatic Refiner

-3-minutes leave-on exfoliator
-deep-pore cleanser
-instant brightening

Instructions: Smooth a medium layer over cleansed, dry skin. Spread with a light circular motion and leave on for 5 to 10 minutes. Do not exceed recommended time. Before rinsing, wet fingers and perform a quick circular message to lift off loosened impurities and remove with a wet cotton or sponge. Rinse thoroughly.

Note: Always follow-up with toner, essence/serum and a moisturiser. Use 1-2 times a week to enhance skin brightening.

The texture is like a light-gel and it is easily spread on my skin. It is non-abrasive and gentle to my skin, not like other scrub that I used before which contain abrasive texture. Upon application, I can feel a little bit cooling sensation but it doesn't last long. After rinsing the exfoliant, I can feel that my skin is a bit rough. This is due to white heads and black heads suddenly appear obviously on my skin. I was surprised to see a lot of white heads all over my face and to be honest, I think NEESYA Brightening Enzymatic Refiner is the best exfoliant I've ever used. It works great! After using the exfoliant, I used white head remover but only at nose area because that is the most obvious part. I am so happy to see a my face clearly clean after that ^_^

NEESYA Overnight Mask

-instant brightening
-intensive hydration
-anti-oxidant protection

Instructions: Thoroughly cleanse and toned skin before application. Gently spread and lightly massage over face and neck to facilitate absorption. Leave overnight and rinse off in the morning. To maximise brightening effect, apply Illuminating Essence or Hydrating Serum first, and follow with a generous layer of Brightening Overnight Mask.

Intensive treatment: Apply over 3 consecutive nights

Maintenance treatment: 1-2 times a week

The texture of this mask is light-gel and it is fastly absorbed into skin. It leaves my skin hydrated with a little bit cooling sensation upon application. It is not sticky at all and I don't feel like there is a layer of mask on my skin. It has very light-texture. According to instructions, I need to leave it overnight and rinse off when I wake up the next morning. This is because, it will intensively revitalise complexion while I rest. It also replenishes and recharges tired skin to help regain the skin suppleness, vitality and a healthy glow. When I wake up in the morning, I can see that my skin brightens!

Now, let me show you how the products I've mentioned above work in pictures:

NEESYA Brightening Enzymatic Refiner
NEESYA Illuminating Essence
NEESYA Brightening Overnight Mask
Before & After:

Overall, I love using NEESYA products because it works well on my skin plus the price is affordable!   NEESYA products are available at Subang Parade, SACC Mall, The Mines, Plaza Metro Kajang and Putra Mall.

For more information, kindly visit:
NEESYA Skincare
Website: http://www.neesya.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/neesyaskincare
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/neesya.skincare

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