Mar 9, 2015

Mandarina Duck Oh Bella fragrance review

Hi korang! Akhir nye ada jugak masa untuk anis tulis blog. Blogpost ni dah pending dari awal bulan mac lagi tapi baru sekarang anis ada masa nak menaip. Jadual sem ni sangat-sangat padat! Sorry la kalau anis kejap ada kejap takde. But, I'll try my best to keep update ya :)

Okay, let's talk about the main purpose of this blogpost. Have you heard of Mandarina Duck before? Honestly, this is my first time knowing of this brand. Last summer, they had came out with new fragrance which is called Oh Bella

This beautiful fragrance was created by perfumer Sylvie Fisher, from Takasogo. 

In its top notes, the fragrance welcomes us with a fruity cocktail based on contrasts: mandarin, raspberry, apple and pear entangle, in complex notes, the touches of sweetness with intense freshness.

In its middle notes, the composition is floral, seductive, and expresses a new femininity based on pink roses and white flowers such as jasmine and freesia, which bring colour and freedom.

In its bottom notes, the fragrance shows its Oriental and intense side thanks to warm notes of cedar wood, the exoticism of patchouli, fragrant vanilla and exquisite musk.

Honestly when I heard about the brand name, I have low expectation on it. But when I see the packaging, the expectation becomes higher. I like the classic look of the bottle. And the fragrance shade is just beautiful! The champagne rosé shade : harmoniously blending the caressing, silky and golden sensuality with sexy pink undertones.

I wear this fragrance every morning, and it lasts approximately 4-5 hours. It is suitable for daily perfume because the scent is sweet, feminine and fresh! It's good start your day with this fragrance. It can brings out the positive mood inside you. The strongest scent that I can detect from this fragrance is the white flowers and vanilla scents. I am definitely in love with this perfume because it portrays my personality ^_^

Oh Bella
She doesn't go unnoticed.
Her smile is contagious. Her vitality is seductive. She is irresistible.
Her free spirit is captivating. She is natural and authentic.
She is romantic and modern.
She is feminine and sensual.

Mandarina Duck Oh Bella Eau De Toilette available in 100ml, 50ml and 30ml.
*50ml : RM165

This perfume is available in SaSa
Website :

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