Mar 19, 2015

L'ORÉAL Paris Revitalift Laser X3 review

How's life everybody? Well, I hope everything is good. I believe that this month is the busiest month ever! At least for me >_< If you are not busy, then you should be grateful. During this month, I've being part of three main event at my uni, and more events are coming up and I need to be part of it. It's hectic but yeah... Just bear with it and keep being organised. Thank God I had bought myself a planner. It does help me a lot.

How busy I am, I still concern on my skin condition. It's an asset, right? ^_^ Someone once told me that we need to start using anti-aging skin care during our 20s. I kinda agree with the statement because we tend to be more active and exposed to harmful environment/sunlight. Because we're young and energetic, we have the desire to travel and explore new thing. Recently, I've been trying on the new L'ORÉAL Paris Revitalift Laser X3 and let me share my review on it :)

The packaging itself looks luxurious! It looks like a high-end brand. I've tried all these five products and let start with the Power Water.

New Skin Anti-Aging Power Water

This Power Water contains pro-xylan which is an active ingredient known for boosting skin's fundamental substance, stimulating collagen synthesis and reinforcing epidermal cohesion. It gives triple action on the skin which are recharge hydration, replump and refine.

I like the effect of using this power water. It makes my skin hydrated, feels smoother and my pores look refined. I noticed that my skin becomes bouncy and plumpier than before. *lepas ni dah tak payah picit pipi baby dah, boleh picit pipi sendiri ^_^ In my understanding, this Power Water is not a toner. So, I prefer to apply toner before I apply this Power Water. It is more effective.

Renewing Anti-Aging Serum

I've been trying quite a number of serum before and this serum is pretty good! For me, the price is much cheaper than other brand and it is worth it, believe me. I use it every morning and night. The texture is light fluid and it is fast absorbed especially when I use Power Water before I apply this serum. This serum helps to resurface, replump and renew my skin. This serum enhance the effect of Power Water. It works hand-in-hand.

New Skin Anti-Aging Day Cream
It has soft creamy texture that immediately penetrates into skin, leaving it supple and smooth. After long hour of use, it doesn't make my face feels greasy and sticky. After few weeks of using it, I can feel that my skin regains its elasticity because it is more bouncy. I also notice that my pore is less visible. 

New Skin Anti-Aging Night Cream-Mask

I kinda in love-hate situation with this night cream-mask. The texture is like stretchable and when I apply it on my face, I feels like there is a thin layer on my skin. It's because the night cream is also a mask. It is actually not sticky but I feel like it is sticky >_< But no worries because the next day when I wake up, my skin will looks new, fresh and glowing! 

Anti-Aging Transforming Eye Cream

Last but not least, the eye cream! I like the texture. It is light and easily absorbed. The packaging of this eye cream is also quite impressive! It is easier for me to apply the eye cream with the metallic applicator. I just need to squeeze a little and then apply and massage on my eye area. From my observation, fine lines around my eyes are less visible but the smile line is still there. Maybe I should keep on use it and see the difference when I finished this tube. One more thing, I think this eye cream is not working on dark circle but I can't really tell you because dark circle and me is like buddies a.k.a BFF! It always there, during good and hard time :')

In a nutshell, this L'ORÉAL Paris Revitalift Laser X3 skin care range is worth to try on especially the serum. I really like the serum! For your information, all of the products have a similar unique scent, like flowers scent, its very calming! This products are available at most drug stores in Malaysia. For more information, please head on to their Facebook : L'Oréal Paris Malaysia.

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  1. it is indeed a good product anis, akak memang gunakan range ni... *_^

    1. Anis paling suka serum dia! Memang perasan kulit muka makin anjal :)

  2. assala anis, apa khabar.. kak norzi ada anjurkan giveaway 2015 .. kalau tak keberatan , nak jemput anis join


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