Jan 6, 2015

The Butterfly Project Christmas Dinner @ The Apartment, Curve

Anis rasa bertuah sangat sebab dapat jadi one of the blogger for The Butterfly Project. Memang dah banyak event yang anis join under The Butterfly Project. And mostly product review pun datang nye dari The Butterfly Project. Korang pun boleh join skali tau! Just register yourself on their facebook page, The Butterfly Project, and keep update with their upcoming events. I'm sure you will not regret being in this community because there is a lot of opportunities no matter you are a newbie or have being blogging for years, everyone gets the chance to be involved in this community :)

Recently, I've been joining their Christmas Dinner at The Apartment, Curve! Since I was staying in Kelantan last year, I missed a lot of events and I am totally rindu dengan diorang semua! So, I've decided to back on track and meet my fellow girls ^_^

The Apartment, Curve:

Seramai 100 blogger yang berkumpul malam tu. Ada yang anis kenal, dan ada yang baru kenal. Seronok sangat sebab dapat kawan baru and the best thing is to catch up with friends yang dah lama gila tak jumpa! Nice to meet all of you girls :D

Tammy, the founder of The Butterfly Project was preparing lots of fun activities for us that night. So that we can mingle around and know each other better. Thank you so much Tammy for your hard work! The dinner was awesome and memorable <3

Tammy a.k.a Mamasan!*Picture credit to Kawi Studio

What's for dinner?
*It's halal and this is my first time makan turkey.  
Overall of what I've been dining that night

Edazz, hot blogger with super tunable voice! She sings few songs that night.
One of the main activities during the dinner is we were divided into groups and in each group there is a senior blogger who will guide us in blogging task that was given to us, which is to review beauty products that we got during the registration earlier. We named our group as 'Flaming Flamingos' because it sound super hot and beautiful! Senior blogger in my group is Cindy :)

group session
*Picture credit to Kawi Studio
The bloggers:

With Mira Cikcit                                  With Wiida Ribbon

Lama gila tak jumpa Mieza ni! Kan dah bersayang-sayang dah kat situ :p

With Izzati XOXO   

With Jannah

With Kak Zatil

Nama kitorang sama! ~ANIS~

#OOTD siket... >_<
Shawl from Zawara
Blazer from Mango
Jeans from Roxy
Heels from XES

And before the night is over, I've been announced as one of the winner for instagram contest! Prize sponsored by bisou bon bon. Thank you~

Ohya, this is the beauty box that I received that night. Reviews will be up soon ^_^

Till then,


  1. Wah looks so fun. I wished I had gone for it (if it wasn't for my many other dinners!)

  2. Hi anis!! Wave dari jauh. hehe


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