Jan 11, 2015

Saturdate with Lee Min Ho oppa! ^_^

Ini cerita fresh dari oven! Baru je semalam Lee Min Ho ajak dating... Ihik ^_^ Disebabkan excited sangat nak jumpa Lee Min Ho oppa, Lepas subuh tu terus siap-siap, dress up cantik-cantik sambil layan lagu-lagu Keira Knightley, Ed Sheeren, The Script and so on..

"Sempat lagi oppa hantar selfie. Tak sabar nak dating! Teheee ^_^"-muntah :p
Korang ingat lagi tak anis pernah post entry pasal Korean brand yang baru je buka first store diorang dekat Sunway Pyramid haritu? Click HERE for recap. Semalam anis berpeluang untuk join Inni-Festa yang diadakan di Sheraton Imperial Hotel, KL. Thank you so much Innisfree for this awesome chance! Muahx muahx muahx <3

Before the even started, we had our breakfast first!

Lepas dah kenyang, agak-agak macam dah cukup energy nak jumpa Lee Min Ho oppa kejap lagi, then anis terus gerak masuk hall. Kat dalam hall ni ada display produk-produk Innisfree dan few activities yang kitorang boleh try. Now, let's see what they've got there:

Innisfree skin care range:

Simple planting session using recyclable innisfree bottles

DIY Eco-pouch

Mine! ^_^

Eco-handkerchief for Green Life Campaigns. Let's use handkerchief instead of tissues for a greener future!

Muka berseri-seri nak jumpa oppa kejap lagi... hikhik ^_^

The even started with a welcoming speech from emcee followed by speech by Marketing Director from innisfree headquarters, Ms. Koo Ae-Ran. 

*picture credit
"Committed to take our green goals to the next level, this closed-door innisfree Festa is our way of bringing the essence of Jeju Island alive. We believe the thoughtfully crafted experiential walkthrough will take you one step closer to understanding the green ideology and methodology behind this brand. Plus, it's also our way to introduce our Global Brand Ambassador, Lee Min Ho to his fans and local media". 

Presentation for innisfree best seller skin care range which is Jeju Green Tea line
*picture credit

And now, it's time to meet my oppa!!!
Saranghe! <3

Anyonyo kenape comel sangat ^_^

Lee Min Ho seriously charming! Dari jauh pun boleh nampak muka dia flawless gila! Jealous pulak iolss sebab iolls ada kawah dekat muka... tsk tsk ;( And he is so tall! 187cm for real! Tetiba teringat lirik lagu Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift "He so tall and handsome as hell" LOL! We had some Q&A session and 'my oppa' shares his secret about his skin care routine and also his new upcoming drama for 2015. And he also said that he will be focusing on his work in this year. Eceh, pandai cover pasal percintaan dua benua kita ya oppa... LOLOL!

To officiate innisfree's launch into Malaysia and commemorate innisfree Festa 2015, Lee Min Ho, together with innisfree's global and local representatives, Ms. Koo Ae-Ran and Ms. Margaret Chin, watered a green tea plant as a symbolic gesture.
*picture credit

Meet my new blogger friend, Suquan (blog link)

Oppa saranghe!
Gift from Innisfree~

Thank you once again to Innisfree sebab bagi chance dekat anis nak dating dengan Lee Min Ho. Sempat la jugak bertentang mata. Pastu syok sendiri. Wakaka :P 

For more information about this brand, kindly visit their: 
Website : www.innisfreeworld.com 
Facebook : www.facebook.com/innisfreeMYS 
Location : Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall G1.70, 
Ground Floor (Orange Zone), Sunway Pyramid Mall, 
Selangor, Malaysia.

Till then,


  1. wahhh, min hooo.. macam kurus nya kan nampak. hehe

    1. Ha'ah, nampak macam kurus.. Maybe sebab dia tinggi..

  2. Untungnye akak!! Btw, akak nmk cantik :)


  3. Replies
    1. nasib baik tak peluk cium bagai, nanti kena bash >_< *ops

  4. dimanakah gamba selfie anis dan LMH ! opppa!

    1. Tak dapat nak selfie sbab oppa duk kat pentas je.. They don't allow us to take selfie :(


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