Jan 12, 2015

My 2015 Makeup!

Aaaah it's good to be home! Alhamdulillah, final exam is over last Thursday and I'm back to Kelantan yesterday (11 January 2015). I miss my family so much especially my little brother, Aqiel (4 years old). Sekarang dia dah petah bercakap, suka nyanyi pulak tu! Lagu omputeh pun dia hafal. Orang kata budak kecik ni fast-learner. So kalau nak ajar, ajar something that will benefit him in the future especially ajar dia alif ba ta and baca doa-doa harian. That will be my duty for this semester break, inshaaAllah :)

Now, let's talk about the main purpose of this entry! If you remember, I received a beauty box from The Butterfly Project during the Christmas Dinner, read entry HERE. OMG there is so many beauty stuff inside the beauty box and I am more than happy to receive all of them. Because there is too many beauty stuff to review on, so I divided the items into three blogposts. So now, I want to share the makeups that I got. Previously, I had post my review on Shizens Lip Tattoo HERE, so in this entry I will be reviewing on the rest of makeups in the beauty box. And later, I will blog about other beauty items that were included in the beauty box. Oryto?

The makeups:

Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop (Pink Shock) 3.5g

I like the packaging of this lip balm! Memang kena dengan nama dia, Electro Pop. This is a coloured lip balm with watermelon flavour! Rasa macam nak makan pun ada. The vibrant neon colour makes it much more attractive! It promise to give you 8 hours of moisture and hydration with the formula of shea butter & Vitamin E which gives your lips a smooth and natural finish, and leaves a supple and smooth feeling. I am actually using Maybelline Baby Lips coloured lip balm currently for everyday use. Anis memang suka lip balm baby lips ni sebab ada warna dan dalam masa yang sama ianya melembapkan bibir. Anis ada masalah bibir kering, jadi lip balm memang kena pakai sentiasa. So, this new Baby Lips Electro Pop will be my crucial makeup for everyday use!

Collection Hotlights Lipgloss (Sparkle 4) 6ml

This is my first makeup from Collection and I am so impressed with the packaging of this lipgloss. Nampak dari luar macam biasa je kan, tapi bila buka keluar lampu LED! Siap ada cermin lagi dekat belakang lipgloss ni. Nanti senang la nak apply lip gloss, it will be more precise and smooth! It has medium texture and not too sticky. Bila apply, warna dia tak jelas sangat, so I preferred to apply coloured lip balm or lipstick before I applied this lipgloss. This lipgloss gives you sparkling finished of your lips and makes it look healthier!

Left: Collection Hotlights Lipgloss
Right: Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop (Pink Shock)

Left : Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop (Pink Shock)
Right: Maybelline Baby Lips + Collection Hotlights Lipgloss

Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner (Deep Black)

Sebelum ni anis dah banyak baca review tentang eyeliner Koji Dolly Wink ni. Memang ramai yang cakap eyeliner ni best! And it proves me that it is definitely a must-have eyeliner! The tips is so sharp and you can draw a super fine line for a natural makeup look or a thicker line by pressing it a bit. The deep black colour gives it a plus point and it takes just a few seconds to dry-out. So, you don't need to wait and close your eyes in front of fan like how I used to do whenever I'm using liquid eyeliner, just to avoid the eyeliner from being smudge and transfer to the crease of my eyes. >_< This eyeliner is also water-proof but it can be removed by rubbing, but please don't rub your eyes unless you want your eye to become red! Use makeup remover okay ^_^

Maybelline Color Show (Pink Voltage 010) 6ml

I haven't try this nail polish yet and maybe I will review on this product later, may I? >_<

Selfie time!!!

*I'm wearing the Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop, Collection Hotlights Lipgloss and Koji Dolly Wink eyeliner in this look.
*For foundation and blusher, I will blog about it in separate post because it is another kind of story

Till then,


  1. yeayyyy,dah abis study dah dia.....:D

  2. singgah sini ye ? :) http://matalensajemariberceloteh.blogspot.com/

  3. Replies
    1. Jackqueline read my blogpost! Woot woot! Thanks dear :D

  4. Replies
    1. Rasa lega sangat dah habis exam, skrg tengah risau result macam mana la nanti >_<


    1. Hi Syira, tu lah.. Lama tak nampak awak.. Nak buat giveaway ke? Ermm.. Let me think dulu ya :)

  6. Hotlights tu bekenan. Ada lmpu bgai peeghhh. Maybe electron tu liz pn pnh review. Mg best kelembapan dia

  7. OMG Anisss, you looks so cute with the gloss. Buat anis looks so stunning! Fana kena pergi beli jugak la cemni. Hehehe

  8. comeu nau dak anis ni lah. pakai apa pun cantikkkk

    1. Ala kak Lily jangan la puji lebih2, kembang saya ^_^


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