Jan 25, 2015

CandyDoll Liquid Foundation & Cheek Color Duo blusher review

Konichiwa! Have you heard about CandyDoll before? It sounds cute and soooo kawai isn't it ^_^ CandyDoll is a makeup brand from Japan! Thank you to HiShop for giving me a chance to try this adorable products! Like seriously, their products packaging are cute and travel-friendly!

My Review:

1) Candydoll Liquid Foundation


Gives a silky smooth finish, that blends onto the skin easily to give you an even coverage. It conceals fine lines, open pores, and any other imperfections of the skin.

Enriched with a unique formula together with a light & translucent texture; it helps to brighten your skin tone, reduce the visibility of fine lines and give you a long lasting finish throughout the day.  The texture is gentle and soft so it glides easily and evenly onto the skin. It helps in oil & sebum control and up-keep throughout the day!

My opinion:
It gives me a matte finish with light to medium coverage and it brightens my skin tone too! The texture is light-weight and easily blend all over my face. I wear it for about 4-5 hours and it does not makes my face feels oily and looks shining at all. Since this foundation is about my palm grip size, I will definitely bring it wherever I go especially when I'm in travelling. 

2) Candydoll Cheek Color Duo blusher

(Marshmallow Purple & Strawberry Pink)

Japanese Pop Icon Ms Tsubasa Masuwaka & Dakota Rose creates a duo of her favorite and most fashionable colours! Create a Candy Doll like features! Highlight area and add brightness to area that sharpen-up your features. Contain moisturizing ingredients Hyalunoric Acid, Jojoba Oil & Olive Oil etc

My opinion:
I haven't try any purple blusher before and this is my first ever purple blusher. As you can see the swatches above, the marshmallow purple blush is not too bright while the strawberry pink blush is a bit bright. I combine both colours and the blusher gives much more beautiful colour, my favourite colour, purple pink! The pigmentation is okay for me, I need to apply more than once to get my desired colour, it is up to you actually. It has not too powdery nor creamy texture, just nice. And again, the size is small enough and light to be carry on especially when I'm travelling.

How do I look?

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