Jan 31, 2015

BE Creative Makeup 3 in 1 makeups review

Made in Italy

1) Feather Finish Matte Foundation, SPF15, 002, 30ml, RM79

6 shades for a moisturizing, mattifying foundation; formula with a powdered finish, enriched with avocado proteins.
Foundation that instinctively evolves to your individual skin's needs. You don't see foundation, all you see is beautiful skin.

- lightweight second skin effect
- cream to powder fell
- matte finish
- Non-greasy
- Easily absorbed

Advice: "Foundation should be blend seamlessly with your natural skin colour, it is not a quick tanning product. Always blend your foundation into your face and neck to avoid line. If the colour blends and becomes almost invisible, you have found the perfect shade for you. You don't need to use too much product for a natural effect"

2) Intense Lipstick RM49, 001 (Blossom)

20 intense shades, velvet-soft coverage and excellent hydration for sheer, long-lasting colour. 

Advice: "For intense, long-lasting colour on the lips I always recommend outlining your lips with a shade of lip pencil that is slightly darker than your favourite shade of lipstick and then fill it in. Finish off by applying lipstick on top. This will make the lipstick stay on longer, fade slower and guaranteed to make the colour remain intact after contact with the skin's pH"

3) Mono Eyeshadow RM39, 029 (soft)

A palette of 39 shades that feel soft to the touch but are intensely pigmented, available in three finishes: matte, semi-gloss and pearlescent.

Advice: "You can use a bold shade of eyeshadow, provided you don't go beyond the line extending from the end of the eyebrow to the outer corner of the eye, otherwise you will get a 'drooping eyelid effect'. Then apply the mascara. For voluminous lashes, lightly zigzag the wand from root to tip, focusing especially on the roots. For longer lashes, move the the rounded tip of the brush from down to top, in small circular motions"

BE Creative Makeup exclusively available at Muse by Watsons!

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