Jan 31, 2015

BE Creative Makeup 3 in 1 makeups review

Made in Italy

1) Feather Finish Matte Foundation, SPF15, 002, 30ml, RM79

6 shades for a moisturizing, mattifying foundation; formula with a powdered finish, enriched with avocado proteins.
Foundation that instinctively evolves to your individual skin's needs. You don't see foundation, all you see is beautiful skin.

- lightweight second skin effect
- cream to powder fell
- matte finish
- Non-greasy
- Easily absorbed

Advice: "Foundation should be blend seamlessly with your natural skin colour, it is not a quick tanning product. Always blend your foundation into your face and neck to avoid line. If the colour blends and becomes almost invisible, you have found the perfect shade for you. You don't need to use too much product for a natural effect"

2) Intense Lipstick RM49, 001 (Blossom)

20 intense shades, velvet-soft coverage and excellent hydration for sheer, long-lasting colour. 

Advice: "For intense, long-lasting colour on the lips I always recommend outlining your lips with a shade of lip pencil that is slightly darker than your favourite shade of lipstick and then fill it in. Finish off by applying lipstick on top. This will make the lipstick stay on longer, fade slower and guaranteed to make the colour remain intact after contact with the skin's pH"

3) Mono Eyeshadow RM39, 029 (soft)

A palette of 39 shades that feel soft to the touch but are intensely pigmented, available in three finishes: matte, semi-gloss and pearlescent.

Advice: "You can use a bold shade of eyeshadow, provided you don't go beyond the line extending from the end of the eyebrow to the outer corner of the eye, otherwise you will get a 'drooping eyelid effect'. Then apply the mascara. For voluminous lashes, lightly zigzag the wand from root to tip, focusing especially on the roots. For longer lashes, move the the rounded tip of the brush from down to top, in small circular motions"

BE Creative Makeup exclusively available at Muse by Watsons!

Jan 25, 2015

CandyDoll Liquid Foundation & Cheek Color Duo blusher review

Konichiwa! Have you heard about CandyDoll before? It sounds cute and soooo kawai isn't it ^_^ CandyDoll is a makeup brand from Japan! Thank you to HiShop for giving me a chance to try this adorable products! Like seriously, their products packaging are cute and travel-friendly!

My Review:

1) Candydoll Liquid Foundation


Gives a silky smooth finish, that blends onto the skin easily to give you an even coverage. It conceals fine lines, open pores, and any other imperfections of the skin.

Enriched with a unique formula together with a light & translucent texture; it helps to brighten your skin tone, reduce the visibility of fine lines and give you a long lasting finish throughout the day.  The texture is gentle and soft so it glides easily and evenly onto the skin. It helps in oil & sebum control and up-keep throughout the day!

My opinion:
It gives me a matte finish with light to medium coverage and it brightens my skin tone too! The texture is light-weight and easily blend all over my face. I wear it for about 4-5 hours and it does not makes my face feels oily and looks shining at all. Since this foundation is about my palm grip size, I will definitely bring it wherever I go especially when I'm in travelling. 

2) Candydoll Cheek Color Duo blusher

(Marshmallow Purple & Strawberry Pink)

Japanese Pop Icon Ms Tsubasa Masuwaka & Dakota Rose creates a duo of her favorite and most fashionable colours! Create a Candy Doll like features! Highlight area and add brightness to area that sharpen-up your features. Contain moisturizing ingredients Hyalunoric Acid, Jojoba Oil & Olive Oil etc

My opinion:
I haven't try any purple blusher before and this is my first ever purple blusher. As you can see the swatches above, the marshmallow purple blush is not too bright while the strawberry pink blush is a bit bright. I combine both colours and the blusher gives much more beautiful colour, my favourite colour, purple pink! The pigmentation is okay for me, I need to apply more than once to get my desired colour, it is up to you actually. It has not too powdery nor creamy texture, just nice. And again, the size is small enough and light to be carry on especially when I'm travelling.

How do I look?

Great news to everyone!
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Discount code : ANISEMPOI


Till then,

Jan 19, 2015

My 2015 Beauty Regime!

Apa khabar? Aku tanya apa khabaaarr semua!? Hiks ^_^ Korang tengok AJL29 semalam (18 Januari 2015) tak? Paling best la bagi anis part lagu Romancinta! Impress dengar suara Azmi, vokalis Caliph Busker yang team-up dengan MOJO untuk lagu Romancinta. Goosebumps dibuat nye! Betul lah orang kata, Allah tarik satu nikmat, Allah gantikan dengan nikmat yang lebih lagi :)

Kalau korang tonton AJL29 semalam, korang mesti perasan ada iklan produk kecantikan untuk memutihkan kulit. Eh tipulah kalau tak perasan... Rasa macam semalam tak tengok AJL pun, tengok iklan je manjang >_< Ops ops ops! Bagi anis, tak kesah lah warna kulit putih ke sawo matang ke kuning langsat ke, janji kulit cantik! Beyonce XOXO tak putih pun, tapi kulit dia cantik ooo... Macam mana nak kulit cantik? Meh anis nak share ngan korang anis punye resepi kecantikan. Kalau korang ada nak tambah, share kat comment oryte, sharing is caring ^_^

Bahan-bahan yang diperlukan:

1) Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance (cleansing foam and moisturising cream)
First step nak kekalkan kulit muka cantik berseri adalah dengan menggunakan pencuci muka dan moisturiser dua kali sehari! Step ni memang penting! Lagi-lagi untuk korang yang selalu pakai makeup. Dengan menggunakan Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance cleansing foam, sisa-sisa kotoran yang melekat pada muka dapat ditanggalkan dan membuatkan kulit muka lebih cerah berseri. Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance moisturising cream pula membantu mengekalkan kelembapan kulit muka disamping mencerahkan kulit muka.

2) Always 21 Aloe Vera Soothing & Refresh Gel Mist
Step 2, gunakan facial mist daripada Always 21 untuk mengekalkan kesegaran kulit wajah. Korang just spray je gel mist dekat muka, with or without makeup, and automatically korang akan rasa so fresh so clean! Dengan haruman aloe vera nye yang mampu buatkan korang rasa kembali segar! Dia macam wakeup call time2 mengantuk dalam kelas ke masa kerja ke... Spray je bila masa korang rasa kulit macam kering dah tak bermaya atau rasa mengantuk dan lesu. It may help, inshaaAllah :)

3.1) Nature Republic Snail Solution Hydrogel Mask Sheet

3.2) Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask
Step 3, paling kurang dua kali seminggu anis akan pakai mask dan paling kerap anis akan pakai mask selang sehari. Memang stok mask ni sentiasa ada dalam simpanan anis dan anis memang suka cuba different type and brand of masks. Kat sini anis letak dua mask baru yang anis cuba iaitu Nature Republic Snail Solution Hydrogel Mask dan Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask. Both masks makes my skin hydrated. Snail mask is good to refresh your skin while the moisture boosting mask moistures my dry skin and makes it look healthier. I just love wearing mask ^_^

4) Matrix Biolage Smooth Proof Shampoo
Step 4, dah settle bab penjagaan muka kita beralih ke penjagaan rambut pula. Rambut ni pun sama penting dengan kulit wajah. Lagi-lagi yang berhijab. Rambut asyik terperap je dalam tudung, lama-lama jadi perkasam.. eeeuuww... This is my first time actually trying this brand of shampoo. After second time I'm using it, I noticed that my hair is much more manageable and less frizzy. 

5) L'Occitane Velvet Hand Cream
Last but not least, rajin-rajin kan lah diri pakai hand cream. Nanti masa kahwin esok-esok masa nak salam mak mertua, baru lah lembut je tangan, sarung cincin pun smooth je. Hiks ^_^ Dan paling penting, takde lah nanti orang kata "Eyy muka putih, tangan hitam" >_< Apakata korang try L'Occitane Velvet Hand Cream ni. Baunya wangi sangat-sangat, memang boleh buat jatuh cinta bau pertama! Eh? LOL!

Hopefully resepi kecantikan yang anis share ni boleh korang manfaatkan, inshaaAllah. Okay la, nak layan lagu Romancinta, bye!

Kerana kau satu-satunya
Cinta agung yang paling kudamba
Tanpamu hilanglah makna
Untuk menikmati romancinta
Aku akan setia selamanya
Selagi masih bernyawa
Pulangkan kembali romancinta
Yang kau bawa pergi

Till then,

Jan 12, 2015

My 2015 Makeup!

Aaaah it's good to be home! Alhamdulillah, final exam is over last Thursday and I'm back to Kelantan yesterday (11 January 2015). I miss my family so much especially my little brother, Aqiel (4 years old). Sekarang dia dah petah bercakap, suka nyanyi pulak tu! Lagu omputeh pun dia hafal. Orang kata budak kecik ni fast-learner. So kalau nak ajar, ajar something that will benefit him in the future especially ajar dia alif ba ta and baca doa-doa harian. That will be my duty for this semester break, inshaaAllah :)

Now, let's talk about the main purpose of this entry! If you remember, I received a beauty box from The Butterfly Project during the Christmas Dinner, read entry HERE. OMG there is so many beauty stuff inside the beauty box and I am more than happy to receive all of them. Because there is too many beauty stuff to review on, so I divided the items into three blogposts. So now, I want to share the makeups that I got. Previously, I had post my review on Shizens Lip Tattoo HERE, so in this entry I will be reviewing on the rest of makeups in the beauty box. And later, I will blog about other beauty items that were included in the beauty box. Oryto?

The makeups:

Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop (Pink Shock) 3.5g

I like the packaging of this lip balm! Memang kena dengan nama dia, Electro Pop. This is a coloured lip balm with watermelon flavour! Rasa macam nak makan pun ada. The vibrant neon colour makes it much more attractive! It promise to give you 8 hours of moisture and hydration with the formula of shea butter & Vitamin E which gives your lips a smooth and natural finish, and leaves a supple and smooth feeling. I am actually using Maybelline Baby Lips coloured lip balm currently for everyday use. Anis memang suka lip balm baby lips ni sebab ada warna dan dalam masa yang sama ianya melembapkan bibir. Anis ada masalah bibir kering, jadi lip balm memang kena pakai sentiasa. So, this new Baby Lips Electro Pop will be my crucial makeup for everyday use!

Collection Hotlights Lipgloss (Sparkle 4) 6ml

This is my first makeup from Collection and I am so impressed with the packaging of this lipgloss. Nampak dari luar macam biasa je kan, tapi bila buka keluar lampu LED! Siap ada cermin lagi dekat belakang lipgloss ni. Nanti senang la nak apply lip gloss, it will be more precise and smooth! It has medium texture and not too sticky. Bila apply, warna dia tak jelas sangat, so I preferred to apply coloured lip balm or lipstick before I applied this lipgloss. This lipgloss gives you sparkling finished of your lips and makes it look healthier!

Left: Collection Hotlights Lipgloss
Right: Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop (Pink Shock)

Left : Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop (Pink Shock)
Right: Maybelline Baby Lips + Collection Hotlights Lipgloss

Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner (Deep Black)

Sebelum ni anis dah banyak baca review tentang eyeliner Koji Dolly Wink ni. Memang ramai yang cakap eyeliner ni best! And it proves me that it is definitely a must-have eyeliner! The tips is so sharp and you can draw a super fine line for a natural makeup look or a thicker line by pressing it a bit. The deep black colour gives it a plus point and it takes just a few seconds to dry-out. So, you don't need to wait and close your eyes in front of fan like how I used to do whenever I'm using liquid eyeliner, just to avoid the eyeliner from being smudge and transfer to the crease of my eyes. >_< This eyeliner is also water-proof but it can be removed by rubbing, but please don't rub your eyes unless you want your eye to become red! Use makeup remover okay ^_^

Maybelline Color Show (Pink Voltage 010) 6ml

I haven't try this nail polish yet and maybe I will review on this product later, may I? >_<

Selfie time!!!

*I'm wearing the Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop, Collection Hotlights Lipgloss and Koji Dolly Wink eyeliner in this look.
*For foundation and blusher, I will blog about it in separate post because it is another kind of story

Till then,
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