Dec 28, 2014

Present to you.... XES!

I know I've promised myself to 'abandon' my blog for awhile since I have FINAL EXAM this Monday which is tomorrow! But urgh, study makes me feel exhausted and I need a little break here and yeah, I'm updating my blog >_< Feel sorry to myself but not so sorry because I can't hold this exciting news to myself anymore, I need to tell all my readers about this exclusive footwear store!

The footwear store that I'm talking about is........ XES : Trendy Family Shoe Store! They have their own brand which are XES Signature, XES Ladies, XES Men and XES Comfort. Apart from that, they are also carries other retail brand such as Bum Equipment, Scholl, Scorpion, Neckermann, Barbie and Ben10. 

I am so flattered to be invited to XES Christmas Party 2014 at XES Premium Boutique, Quill City Mall last Tuesday. Thank you for the invitation ^_^ Now, let's take a look at what they have there!

There is a lot of choices of footwear and bag for ladies, men and kids. Upon arrival, I was eyeing this killer heels! My eyes wont stop looking at this heels. It is so attractive and pretty! The combination of red and gold makes it looks luxurious! 

XES Signature Zodiac Collection 06: Virgo (Red)
You can buy this signature heels at all XES Premium store (store location) or you can buy it online, click HERE

Eventhough I am not a Virgo but yeah, this Virgo signature heels catch my eyes ^_^ Luckily, XES is so generous to give me this heels as a gift :) I am more than happy to own this heels. Thank you so much, muah ciked :* They actually wrap the heels nicely and put it in beautiful XES shopping bag but I cannot hold myself, I was so eager to wear it and yes, I'm wearing it right away! 


Good new to everybody! XES is currently running Christmas Sale from 8th December 2014 - 4th January 2015! *That's why I'm posting this entry right now, because I don't want you to miss this special offer from XES!

For more information, please visit their:
Website :
Facebook :

Some photos that I manage to capture during that day:
With the blogger of (Iqa)

My first time meeting Liyana, blogger of


FYI, not only dessert is served, but there is also nasi goreng, spaghetti and so on and I'm so full. Thank you for making my tummy happy ^_^ Ohya, during that day, we also get a chance to customise provided slipper in our own way. We had a DIY session conducted by Amir (if i'm not mistaken).

I manage to get my nails done by Ladies World during the party. Thank you for making my nails pretty!

With Sabrina, the one who invited me to this awesome party! Hope to see you again ^_^

Wish me luck for my final exam, my first paper is Microeconomic >_<



  1. terus pakai kasut tuu...mmg kene dgn anis...cantikkkk

  2. kasut akak yg merah tuuu lawaaa! pika terpikat dangan kasut wedges mustard tuuu..

    1. Lawaa kan! Tehee ^_^ nanti kita shopping kat XES eh :)

  3. Amboii terus sarung nampak ? Hahahaha. :D

  4. anis!!! u dapat ke heels tu!!

    jeles giler!

    1. Ha'ah dapat, happy giler ^_^ Nanti ada la tu rezeki awak pulak ye *_^

  5. kita suka jugak pakai kasut XES.

    1. Ni first kasut XES yg anis ada, quite love it :)

  6. aaa, jjellynyaa tengok kasuttt tuu. hahhaha.

    good luck awakk!

    Aniss, takpee. Kita pahamm. Bukan kita nak pun keadaan tu kann? Dah2, jangan rasa bersalah. Next event kita meet up lagii!

    muahh muahh!


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