Dec 16, 2014

New Korean Brand In Town! Welcome to Innisfree!!!

To be honest, this is my first time knowing about Innisfree, a Korean brand that a lot of beauty bloggers already aware of this brand. And I believe, because it is already a well-known brand among the beauty bloggers, it must be a great brand and I am eager to know more about this brand especially about their best-seller products.

I was invited to attend the grand opening of their first store in Malaysia which is at Sunway Pyramid and my first impression when I enter the store is like I am entering a garden where some part of the walls are decorated with a living plants and the furnitures are made of woods. It was calming!

"Every inch of the new Innisfree store at Sunway Pyramid was not only created to relax and nurture, but also mimic the five sensory experiences found in Jeju House. The actual Jeju House was built as a brand house to reflect the sensorial experiences of the brand through sight, sound, touch, taste and also smell. "

Eco-inspired Innisfree store at Sunway Pyramid

Innisfree is actually comes from Jeju Island, Korea. The brand name "Innisfree" means "an island that relaxes the skin" with and effort to provide healthy beauty for customers with the benefits of nature offered by a pure island and to actualise an eco-friendly green life that treats nature with respect. 

The key ingredients from Jeju Island which are used by Innisfree to produce their products.

I love how they decorate the store. The packaging of their products are also cute and fancy. Innisfree is not only focusing on skin care products, in fact there is also makeups, body care products, hair care products, nail polish, and makeup tools!

Cute hand cream which only costs RM15!

There are eight types of skin care range by Innisfree which are Green Tea Line, Jeju Volcanic Line, Eco Science White C Line, Eco Science Line, Olive Real Line, Jeju Bija Line, Soybean Firming Line and Jeju Orchid Line. Each line focusing on certain function, for example Green Tea Line focusing on moisturizingJeju Volcanic Line focusing on pore care, while Eco Science White C Line focusing on whitening care

Some Innisfree skin care lines:


The benefits of The Green Tea Seed Serum:
Normal price is RM90 for 80ml but currently they are selling special launching set which also costs RM90. So, grab the special launching set while stock last for better saving!

Green Tea Line (Special Launching Set):
- The Green Tea Seed Serum 80ml (full-size)
- Balancing Skin 70ml
- Balancing Lotion 70ml

Jeju Volcanic Line (Special Launching Set):
- Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask 100ml (full-size)
- Pore Cleansing Foam 30ml
- Pore Toner 70ml

During the grand opening, there is a brief explanation about the brand and their hero products.

It's time for shopping!
Muka serious je sorang-sorang sebab fokus shopping! :D

with Nisa Kay

Muka happy dapat shopping :D

My haul:
The masks are only RM4 each! The hand cream as I mention earlier, is only RM15 and the Special Launching Set of Jeju Volcanic Line is RM52. I like the rosy scent of the hand cream ^_^ The lipstick price is RM49 and it has fruity scent. The eye cream is a little bit expensive which is RM115 but still it is cheaper than other brand. I am so eager to try all of these products and my first review will be the lipstick because it is the only makeup that I choose. Review will be up soon but maybe after I done with my final exam, oryte :) Actually I want to buy more makeup but I refrain myself from doing so due to budget constraint. Student lagi kan... >_<

Good news to everyone!

Inni-festa with Lee Min Ho!

Get the opportunity to meet Lee Min Ho with Innisfree Malaysia!

First option : You just need to purchase above RM300 and you will receive Limited Eco Launching Bag. Only 100 customers will be invited to inni-festa with Lee Min Ho. Lucky customers will find an Inni-festa coupon in the launching bag. Visit Innisfree store between 23rd December 2014 to 4th January 2015 and exchange the coupon for an Inni-festa ticket.

Second option : You can simply join the contest (Inni-Q) on Innisfree Facebook (LINK) and collect as many point as you can in order to win the Inni-festa ticket.

Good Luck

For more information about this brand, kindly visit their:
Website :
Facebook :
Location : Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
G1.70, Ground Floor (Orange Zone),
Sunway Pyramid Mall, Selangor,

p/s : some pictures taken from innisfree facebook page


  1. Alahhh ! Lee Min Ho ! Ini tak boleh jadi. Hahahaha. Eh murahnya mask dia Rm 4 je. T_T

    1. Mask dia murah kan! Rasa nak borong banyak2 buat stok kat bilik... Hari2 pakai mask :D

  2. Alamakkkk ada Lee Min Ho. Auwww Kak Ella peminat no 1. Heheh. Hai Ani. Sehat ke dik?

  3. ahaaa..murah jugak hand cream tu hand lotion ke camne? comel2


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