Nov 29, 2014

Thanks to Kotex, sudden gush probs solve!

It's weekeeeend and it's time to hangout/have a date or have a chillax time at your place! Sape je tak suka weekend kan. Masa weekend ni la masa untuk kita pause skejap dengan kerja-kerja seharian yang memenatkan. It's okay to keep yourself busy but i'm begging you, please make your 'me time' for your own good ;) Eh, macam nak menyimpang jauh je entry ni... kahkahkah :D Okay, cerita dia anis nak story2 pasal pengalaman anis menghadapi 'sudden gush' or direct translate it would be 'aliran tak diduga'. If you have no idea of what sudden gush is, let's watch the ads below :

I'm sure all of us (girls) experienced this kinda situation especially during the first 3 days of menstruation. It's kinda messy day and you probably want to stay at home because you afraid that there will be a leakage, in public specifically. It will be totally embarrassing >_< But hey, let's 'Beat the Gush' girls! Kotex had just launched their new-and-improved product which is Kotex Soft & Smooth which kick off of 'Beat the Gush' campaign!

The new-and-improved Kotex Soft & Smooth now comes with :
1) Rapid Absorb Core to help absorb sudden gushes immediately and directly at the source for exceptional protection
2) Micro-Dri Cover with more than 3,000 micro holes for fast and effective absorption
3) Infinity Lock System with side barriers and deep channels, providing all-around protection against leaks

With all those features, the new-and-improved Kotex Soft & Smooth had safe my day, a 'date' to be precise >_< But em, not actually a date, just a hangout. By the way, here comes the story. Baru-baru ni anis ada hangout with a guy and i'm in a red flag. And then I was like, oh please don't ruin my day, please do not leak! We're watching movies and in the cinema, I was like move my leg to left and right constantly just to make sure there's no leak >_< Harap2 dia tak perasan la kan time tu tapi sekarang macam dah kantoi la kan sebab cerita kat sini. LOL! Lepas dah habis tengok movie, dia pegi solat and i rush to the wash room to check. I was anxious but hey, everything under control! Roger and out! Thanks to Kotex, no leakage after a massive sudden gush, totally my choice! ^_^

How come I got to know about the new-and-improved Kotex Soft & Smooth? I attended their launch event actually and from there I got the chance to have some samples of it. hehehe ^_^

The launching event photos :

*sharing session with Aileen See (Marketing Manager, Kimberly-Clark Malaysia), Diana Danielle (celebrity) and Abby Latiff (Director of WOMEN:girls)

*i feels like a dwarf standing beside Diana >_<

*the bloggers

*i'm not a dwarf, i'm just petite and cute and adorable :p

For more information, please visit :

*picture credit to Kotex Malaysia facebook and also from kak suzai and wiida

Nov 18, 2014

BE Beautiful, BE Yourself!

Yes, it is very crucial to be yourself babe, then beautiful comes along! Dalam apa jua keadaan, jadi lah diri sendiri, sebab setiap dari kita ini unik, kita tak sama dengan orang lain. Jangan sebab kita berbeza, kita hipokrit. No no no! Bagi anis lah kan, cantik tu subjektif. Tapi percaya lah, kita semua cantik dan hanya orang yang terpilih sahaja yang nampak kecantikan kita, that makes us special apart from someone who is born pretty yet not sure who is the one that look at her beyond her beauty. Ecewah, merapu pulak anis athia ni.

Eh kejap, korang ada baca tak pasal kes suami curang sebab isteri dah tak jaga penampilan tu? Honestly la kan anis rasa tak patut suami dia buat macam tu sebab apa yang isteri dia abaikan tu untuk kepentingan suami dia jugak contohnya jaga anak, jaga makan minum dia, jaga pakaian dia, doakan kesejahteraan dia dan lain-lain. And then suami dia bagi excuse dia buat macam tu sebab salah isteri dia tak jaga penampilan. Dah buat salah tapi tunding jari salahkan orang. Eh, emo pulak :p Hrmm... Apa-apa pun, untuk suami atau bakal-bakal suami di luar sana, kami yang perempuan ni tak perfect, kami ada kekurangan tapi tak bermakna kami tak ada kelebihan. Dan sedarlah juga kaum lelaki, awak tu pun bukannya perfect pun, jadi jangan nak demand macam-macam okey? Kan perkahwinan tu saling melengkapi, apa salah laki dia cakap direct je, 'jom abang bawak awak pegi london weight management, kowt2 nanti awak lagi hot dari Kim K ke, tapi awak memang sentiasa hot di mata saya sayang.' Dalam mengajak kena ada puji-pujian jugak ye, kalau idok mau melenting bini hang. Wakaka :p Perempuan ni kalau tak cakap direct dia tak paham walaupun perempuan ni memang jenis complicated untuk difahami. 

Tapi sebenarnye cerita dia anis nak introduce dekat korang new makeup brand yang baru sahaja dilancarkan di Malaysia! Yes, produk baru! So bini-bini di luar sana, mari lah kita borong makeup sebab suami nak tengok kita cantik kan, nak nampak kita selalu presentable kan. Eh, macam dah bersuami pulak, calon pun takde lagi. Hrmm.. mereput. By the way, let me introduce the brand new makeup further. Present to you, BE Creative Makeup which exclusively available at Muse by Watsons!

Haa banyak kan produk-produk dari BE Creative Makeup ni. Ada makeup brushes, foundations, eye shadows, blushers, eye liners, lipsticks, mascaras and so on. Senang cerita memang complete set of makeup ada. BE Creative Makeup is a new brand in professional makeup from Italy that exclusively available at Muse by Watsons, Sunway Pyramid Malaysia! BE inspires women to express their originality with confidence and pride and makes making up an everyday pleasure!

Baru-baru ini anis berpeluang untuk menghadiri sesi bersama blogger, organize by Muse by Watsons in collaboration with Butterfly Project. Thanks for the invites ^_^ Some photos during the event :

*we had lucky draw session and i'm not lucky enough to win it but it's okay because there is more chance to win! I'll share with you how at the end of this entry oryte ^_^

I had my makeover done by Sarra Chin. Thanks dear for the makeup :) Theme : glamorous (suggested by kak Innanie Ariffin) Kak nanie cakap sebab anis ni jenis lembut-lembut je kan, how about making her looks glamorous! Glamour tak? LOL!

*me with Sarra Chin (MUA)

Apart from glamorous, you can also choose makeup theme romantic, natural or funky. A bit review about the products that being applied on me: First, the foundation used is Feather Finish Matte Foundation SPF 15 in code 002. I'm using matte foundation because my skin is a bit oily especially at T-zone, so matte foundation can avoid your face looked shiny. What can I say is, I don't feel like wearing second skin! It is very lightweight, non-greasy and easily absorbed. Second, the eyeshadow is very pigmented as you can watch in the video below

*video for eye makeup (link)

Overall, this new makeup brand is worth to buy because it's quality is just the same as other professional makeup brand and the price is quite affordable compared to others. I am aiming for foundation brushes from BE Creative Makeup because when Sarra apply foundation on my skin, the texture is very smooth and settle. New wishlist! Hehe :)

The bloggers :
From left behind : Izzati XOXOScha Nazri
From left front : Innanie Ariffin, me and Mira Cikcit

*thanks for having us! Nampak muka sorang-sorang happy kemain bila dah cantik :D

Ohye, korang pun boleh nak merasa macam apa yang kitorang rasa. Sempat lagi ni nak singgah Muse by Watsons dekat Sunway Pyramid untuk dapatkan FREE makeover! Just drop by the store and get your free makeover done and don't forget to upload your photo on instagram with #BECREATIVEMAKEUP #MUSEBYWATSONS and tell the world why you love it okay? Knape kena upload? Sebab ada ganjaran menanti korang! Sape tak nak menang RM1,000 worth of BE Creative Makeup products!!! Kalau suami curang lagi lepas korang dah cantik-cantik ni kan, memang lelaki itu tak layak untuk korang. Forget him, move on! Tapi cantik kena maintain, okay? ^_- *wink


For more information, kindly visit:
Muse by Watsons facebook :
BE Creative Makeup website :

Sunway Pyramid
LG1.59, Lower Ground One,
No 3 Jalan PJS 11/15
Bandar Sunway
47500 Selangor Darul Ehsan

Opening Hours:

The Butterfly Project:

*picture credit to Caroline from Butterfly Project and also from Muse by Watsons facebook.
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