Dec 31, 2014

My 2015 Planner #Typo

*please note that this entry was written on 31 December 2014 and the price might change accordingly.

All thanks to Sabrina Tajudin who brings the hype of owning a planner. At first I was like, 'this year no need planner lah, tahun 2014 punya pun not fully utilise'. But right after I watch Sabrina's video and reading her blogpost, I couldn't resist the temptation to buy a planner for myself too! Lewlz! A girl just being a girl here >_<

I like Sabrina's planner from Plum Paper Design but frankly speaking, I couldn't afford it because currently I am still a full time student, money all supported by 'PaMa'. So, RM150+ for a planner is a bit pricy for me. So, I turn to another option which is Typo. If you still remember, I did buy my 2014 planner at Typo, click here for recap.

My 2014 planner

Aaah I love my 2014 planner. Glitter pink, girlish habis! hehehe ^_^ So, for this year, Typo still produce glitter designed planner but this year only has few colours. For your information, after I've done with my exam this morning, I straight away go to Typo at Nu Sentral, alone! Gigih sangat nak beli planner :p Mana tak nye, lepas je baca blogpost Sabrina, hari-hari bukak website Typo, window shopping. Dan yang tak boleh belah nye, ada sale up to 70%. Menggelupur nak shopping tapi terpaksa sabar sebab ada exam kan. Sabar separuh daripada iman >_<

Some of the planners that I've been looking for days:
RM89 RM29 (online price)

RM89 RM29 (online price)

RM75 RM29 (online price)

Stay organised throughout the year with our stylish and practical 2015 Luxury Diary A5!
Features:  Week to an opening layout
Gorgeous padded protective cover with heart shaped hardware detailing
Matching pen with holder inside
Personal information, public holidays and reference calendar pages inside
Removable diary insert
Invisible magnetic closure
Ribbon bookmark
Internal pockets suitable for cards
Decorative metallic edges on each page
Outer measurements 14.5cm x 22cm x 2.5cm
Internal diary measures 12.5cm x 20.5cm x 1cm

RM50 RM25 (online price)

Start your new year and keep your social and work life in check with our amazing 2015 A5 Buffalo Diary!
Features:  Week to an opening layout
Stylish outer designs to suit your personality
Personal information, public holidays and reference calendar pages inside
Ribbon bookmark Elastic closure
Printed tabs for each quarter of the year
Pocket for your notes on internal back cover
Diary measures 14.5cm x 21cm x 1.5cm

Currently Typo is having SALE up to 70% on their website but they didn't mention about in-store sale/promotion. If I bought it online, I need to pay RM43 flat rate delivery fee (free shipping for purchase RM250 and above). So I was like 'by hook or by crook, I need to go to Typo after exam today!'

Alhamdulillah, Typo also have sale for in-store items. 50% off for planners! Rasa nak lompat-lompat depan kedai Typo bila nampak sign 50% off! Seriously, I feel lucky and blessed. Agak lama jugak lah duduk kedai Typo tu, pilih planner sorang-sorang. Mula-mula ingat nak ambik yang black glitter tu tapi rasa macam, alaaa tahun lepas dah glitter, tahun ni pilih lain pulak la... Yang gold & cream stripe tu pun cantik tapi takde pen... :( Last2 pilih yang blush tu.

My brand new 2015 planner!!!
Sampai bilik terus selfie! Mentang-mentang roomate takde dalam bilik... kikiki ^_^ 
2015 LUXURY DIARY A5 in Blush


Sebab utama pilih planner yang ni sebab dalam dia warna gold! Just like my previous planner. Planner tahun lepas size A5, and yang ni pun A5 but this one bigger. Please refer the measurement that I already stated above *scroll up. Lagi satu sebab pilih planner ni sebab warna pink!

2015 please be kind *_*

The planner can be removed from the cover but I think no one wants to remove it, nanti tak cantik lah kan...

At first ingatkan pencil, rupanya pen, gold ink. Curlas uolss pakai dakwat emas tulis diari :D

In-store (Malaysia), this planner normal price is RM59 (according to my receipt) and after 50% off, it costs me RM29.50 only! It was a great bargain! I did ask the sale's guy when will this promotion ends but he also donno. So, if you don't want to miss this, you better hurry! Mostly planner yang cantik-cantik dah sold out. Best of luck! *_^

Happy New Year!

For more information, kindly visit:
Website :

Till then, mmuahx :*

Dec 28, 2014

Present to you.... XES!

I know I've promised myself to 'abandon' my blog for awhile since I have FINAL EXAM this Monday which is tomorrow! But urgh, study makes me feel exhausted and I need a little break here and yeah, I'm updating my blog >_< Feel sorry to myself but not so sorry because I can't hold this exciting news to myself anymore, I need to tell all my readers about this exclusive footwear store!

The footwear store that I'm talking about is........ XES : Trendy Family Shoe Store! They have their own brand which are XES Signature, XES Ladies, XES Men and XES Comfort. Apart from that, they are also carries other retail brand such as Bum Equipment, Scholl, Scorpion, Neckermann, Barbie and Ben10. 

I am so flattered to be invited to XES Christmas Party 2014 at XES Premium Boutique, Quill City Mall last Tuesday. Thank you for the invitation ^_^ Now, let's take a look at what they have there!

There is a lot of choices of footwear and bag for ladies, men and kids. Upon arrival, I was eyeing this killer heels! My eyes wont stop looking at this heels. It is so attractive and pretty! The combination of red and gold makes it looks luxurious! 

XES Signature Zodiac Collection 06: Virgo (Red)
You can buy this signature heels at all XES Premium store (store location) or you can buy it online, click HERE

Eventhough I am not a Virgo but yeah, this Virgo signature heels catch my eyes ^_^ Luckily, XES is so generous to give me this heels as a gift :) I am more than happy to own this heels. Thank you so much, muah ciked :* They actually wrap the heels nicely and put it in beautiful XES shopping bag but I cannot hold myself, I was so eager to wear it and yes, I'm wearing it right away! 


Good new to everybody! XES is currently running Christmas Sale from 8th December 2014 - 4th January 2015! *That's why I'm posting this entry right now, because I don't want you to miss this special offer from XES!

For more information, please visit their:
Website :
Facebook :

Some photos that I manage to capture during that day:
With the blogger of (Iqa)

My first time meeting Liyana, blogger of


FYI, not only dessert is served, but there is also nasi goreng, spaghetti and so on and I'm so full. Thank you for making my tummy happy ^_^ Ohya, during that day, we also get a chance to customise provided slipper in our own way. We had a DIY session conducted by Amir (if i'm not mistaken).

I manage to get my nails done by Ladies World during the party. Thank you for making my nails pretty!

With Sabrina, the one who invited me to this awesome party! Hope to see you again ^_^

Wish me luck for my final exam, my first paper is Microeconomic >_<


Dec 24, 2014

Keluarga angkat anis terbaik!

At first, before pergi ke Negeri Sembilan untuk program anak angkat, anis macam risau nanti macam mana nak adapt duduk dalam keluarga angkat. Macam-macam duk pikir. Nanti kalau lapar macam mana nak bagitau. Nanti kalau kena bebel tak reti masak macam mana. Nanti kalau dahaga nak minum air masak macam mana... Erk, over kan... Tapi takpe, kita watlek watpis je. First, lemme take a selfie!

Adakah gejala selfie ini mampu menenangkan fikiran? :p

Sesampainya kitorang di Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan, kitorang berkumpul di dewan untuk perasmian dan sesi penyerahan anak angkat. Berdebar nak tunggu nama nak kena panggil. Pastu risau kalau-kalau nanti dapat adik-beradik angkat yang tak kenal, mesti awkward >_< Luckily, anis dapat adik-beradik angkat yang anis kenal which is dari group caklempong yang sama. Ohye, program anak angkat ni merupakan projek mega kokurikulum gabungan kumpulan caklempong, seni tari, kompang dan protokol.

Dah nak last-last baru nama kena panggil. Saja buat orang cuak lama-lama kan... Cis! Bila dah dapat keluarga angkat masing-masing, kitorang terus bergerak ke rumah keluarga angkat masing-masing. At first, anis bayangkan rumah keluarga angkat anis ni mesti dalam kawasan kampung dan ala-ala rumah tradisional negeri sembilan, rumah kayu tu... Tapi nampaknya tanggapan ku meleset. *ayat novel sangat

View dari pintu masuk

Haa.. melopong kau tengok rumah pakcik ni besar gila! Kawasan rumah dia luas sangat sampai ada 3 buah rumah! Siap ada dewan lagi! Rupanya pakcik ni bawak kitorang stay dekat homestay dia yang diberi nama Kampungstay Laman Ejo. Terus rasa macam teruja gila nak explore tempat ni. Terus hilang segala kecuakan dan anasir-anasir negatif yang menghantui fikiran. *ayat novel lagi :p

Banglo Fucida

Rumah kat atas ni diberi nama Banglo Fucida sebab pakcik tu ada tanam pokok Fucida depan rumah tu. Pokok tu boleh dikatakan species rare. Rumah-rumah lain juga diberi nama guna nama pokok yang ditanam di depan rumah. Banglo Fucida ni memang cantik! Hiasan dalaman dia macam rumah Melayu lama dengan perabot antik nye semua. Korang boleh tengok gambar kat SINI.

Banglo Santalia

Rumah kat atas ni pulak more to english style. Siap ada dapur, tv, washing machine and so on. Serba lengkap macam duduk rumah sendiri. Kat sini facilities memang tiptop! Semua ada! Pastu pakcik tu siap buat toilet extra. So, nanti takde lah berebut toilet. Kowt-kowt semua tercirit makan masak lomak cili api.. eeeeuuuww sangat anis >_<

Kalau boleh, kat semua tempat nak ambik gambar. Excited punya pasal!

tetiba rasa macam scary pulak, gulp >_<

Dewan Camelia

Dewan ni memang cantik! Serious! Pakcik tu cakap dia buat sorang-sorang dewan ni. Sampaikan pakcik tu terjatuh masa nak pasang atap, patah tulang rusuk. Betapa gigihnya pakcik ni nak siapkan dewan ni. Tapi memang worth the pain la sebab hasilnya memang cantik. Dekat dewan ni, kalau tak pasang kipas pun dah sejuk sebab kawasan sekeliling penuh pokok-pokok dan dewan ni memang diperbuat daripada kayu.

Daripada buang, pakcik tu susun-susun sampai jadi cantik macam ni! Kreatif sangat pakcik ni, thumbs up!

Dorm Rubella

Kitorang stay dekat dorm ni. Siap ada aircond lagi tau! Dan tempat ni memang bersih. Heaven gila rasa. Segala benda lengkap.

Antara pokok-pokok yang ditanam di sekitar Kampungstay Laman Ejo:

Cili warna purple, kau hado???

kat sini ada pokok rambutan, boleh petik kalau nak makan :)

malam-malam pasang pelita, rasa macam suasana Hari Raya pulak "Indahnya sungguh di Hari Raya, ramainya orang bersuka ria..." Eh, nyanyi pulak >_<

Jalan-jalan pusing kampung dengan kawan kitorang dari family angkat lain yang duduk sekampung

Malam first day tu, pakcik tu bawak kitorang pergi pasar malam. The next day, kitorang ada aktiviti mengoca ikan di Empang Batu Tanjung Juan.

Adik-beradik angkat. Dari kiri : Raushan, Kamelia, Suhaila and me ^_^

Masa mengoca ikan ni, bunyi perempuan menjerit je lebih, tangkapnye tidak. Mana taknya, baru je acah-acah nak tangkap ikan, tetiba rasa something lembut-lembut kat tangan bergerak, terus menjerit! Geli nak pegang sebab badan dia licin. Ikan-ikan semua lari dengar kitorang menjerit >_< 

Maka ini je lah hasil dari kitorang adik-beradik. Dapat tangkap satu je, dua lagi cilok dari orang lain. LOL! 

Petang tu pulak kitorang ada bengkel kraftangan. Buat tanduk kerbau ni ha. Pastu boleh la acah-acah gadis Jolobu. "Ko Jolobak ko Jolobu, tuai padi tigo tangkai.." Lepas habis bengkel terus balik rumah untuk masak dinner! Sebab kitorang macam terharu sangat dengan layanan keluarga angkat kitorang yang baik sangat, sebab tu kitorang nak treat diorang dinner. Anak-anak pakcik tu tak henti-henti puji masakan kitorang sedap. Diorang siap tambah. Si Fikri siap cakap nak tambah lima kali! Kira pass la ni nak jadi bini orang... kan? teheeee ^_^

Hari terakhir kitorang kat sini, pakcik tu bawak pusing-pusing area Sri Menanti. Kitorang singgah Muzium Sri Menanti tapi tak dapat masuk sebab tengah renovate :(

Muzium Sri Menanti

Gambar last sebelum berpisah ;(

Last word, thank you so much pakcik, Yna dan Fikri sebab sudi layan kitorang macam keluarga sendiri. Nanti kalau ada rezeki, kita jumpa lagi ye :)

Kalau korang nak tau lebih lanjut mengenai Kampungstay Laman Ejo, refer dekat blog ni:

p/s: Entry last before final exam. Doakan anis ye :)
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