Dec 21, 2013

My Akiyo Story

     In a small town, far far away, there is a bright little girl named Anis. She always dream of playing with snow, making a cute snow girl and she would love to name it as Akiyo. So tonight, they say that all wishes will be come true! Anis was so excited! She looks upon the stars and starts to make her own wish. She wishes for snow to fall down at the small town. She waits beside a window in her room and left it opened.

     The night goes on but the snow still doesn't fall down yet. Anis is getting sleepy until one moment, she feels something cold touch her skin. She looks outside and there it is, the snow! She runs out of her room and go to downstairs. Suddenly, her mother surprised her with a little pink gift box.

     Anis was so happy that her wish came true. She go outside and play with the snow, making the snow girl, Akiyo and then she lie down on the snow beside Akiyo with the pink gift box in her hand. After a few minutes, she falls asleep.

     The next morning when she wakes up, she realizes that it was just a dream and of course, there is no snow :'( But then, she feels something hanging around her wrist and she was so shock! There is a bracelet with a purple swarovski diamond snowflake and a pink gift box charms hanging around her wrist. Anis was so happy to own the Akiyo charm bracelet and today, her Akiyo story begin!


Have you ever been excited over a charm bracelet? For me, yes I am! It is quite fun to own a charm bracelet where you can choose what kind of charm you want to hang to the bracelet and for me, every charm has a story behind it, like My Akiyo Story above ^_^ Have you heard about Akiyo before? If not, let me introduce you. Akiyo is a local jewellery store that offers a wide range of jewellery that you might not want to miss. Akiyo means bright, clear and sparkle. Last Sunday, i was invited by The Butterfly Project to be one of the butterflies to browse the new collection of Akiyo in conjunction with Christmas. Thank you The Butterfly Project and Akiyo for this opportunity =)

The ambience of Akiyo Jewellery store at Fahrenheit 88

Tammy gives a welcome speech and followed by speech from the owner of Akiyo, Ms Mandy. Ms Mandy is also the designer for Akiyo jewellery.

The new charms collection from Akiyo in conjunction with Christmas

There is pink gift box, snowflake and Eiffel Tower charms to choose

The bracelet is made of sterling silver 925 and rhodium (a member of platinum group) plated. The price for the bracelet is RM149 while the price for each charm is RM89. Apart from charm bracelet, the pearl collections from Akiyo are also the most popular items among the customers.

There are three colours of pearl that Akiyo offers which are white, lavender and champaign. The pearl bracelet comes in three sizes which are S,M and L. For me, Akiyo pearl collections are different from other jewellery store because their designs are more unique, and it is suitable to be wear by all ages and not focus on older people only. Honestly, i like pearl and after browsing Akiyo pearl collections, i am so eager to own one ^_^

Apart from charm bracelet and also pearl collections, they also offer other kinds of jewellery like below :

Price range :

Store location :
- 3rd Flr,Fahrenheit 88 Parkamaya,Bukit Bintang
- No. 24M(1st Floor),Jln SS21/39,Damansara Uptown PJ
- The Garden Robinson

Delicious refreshments of the day prepared by Teaffani High Tea (facebook :

The bloggers

The Butterfly Project :
Website :
Facebook :
Twitter : @ButterflyMsia
Instagram : @butterflyprojectmsia (#butterflymsia)

Akiyo :
Website :

My simple makeup for the day. I'm wearing :
- ARTDECO Mineral Powder Foundation
- MUA Heaven & Earth eyeshadow
- Elianto CURVEE Eyeliner Pen
- YADAH Highlash Mascara
- Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick (235-Warm me up)

Outfit of the day :
I'm wearing :
- Paisley square scarf (bought online but already forgot the online shop name, sorry =_=')
- MANGO glitter jumper  
- Chiffon skirt (bought at KB Mall)
- Nine West Can't Stop Shopper Crossbody



  1. Tengs anis share psal Akiyo ni nk bli pandora xmampu hukhuk..nati ayu pon leh serang Akiyo jgk

    1. Ur welcome ^_^ sama lah.. Yg local store, price pun affordable. Serang jangan tak serang! Hehehe

  2. Cantik! Design sangat cheeky dan gurlish dan feminine. Suka ^^


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