Dec 17, 2013

Ludeya Hydro White Moisturing Bio Cellulose Mask review

Terasa lama tak update blog. Padahal baru je beberapa hari. Macam ni lah kalau dah namanya blogger. Tak update sehari rasa macam tak senang duduk. hehehe... Tak sah kalau tak baca blog setiap hari even tak update blog sendiri. Few days ago anis ada review Ludeya Repairing Moisturing Bio Cellulose Mask, baca SINI. And for today, anis nak review another mask from Ludeya which is Ludeya Hydro White Moisturing Bio Cellulose Mask.

LUDEYA Hydro White Moisturing Bio Cellulose Mask
(Whitening + Pore Minimizing & Hydrating)
Suitable skin type : Dry, Dehydrated, Dullness Skin

Added with various of most effective Skin Whitening ingredients, plus the most premium skin brightening botanical extracts. Effectively remove skin dullness, brighten skin & lighten dark spotsFrance Brittany brown algae extract effectively minimize pores, keeping your skin at its peak condition.

This specially formulate mask is made of hydro velour, a kind of bio cellulose membranes is produced by Acetobacter via fermentation processes. It is chemically pure, free of lignin and emicellulose, high crystallinity and high DP, diameter 1/100 of that of plant cellulose, complex polysaccharide with crystalline morphology, Biodegradable and more resistant to hydrolysis than starch. It is high purity, high mechanical strength, fine reticular tissue, and high water absorptive power with excellent expansibility. The density gradient configuration not only enhances the transfer efficiency of essence from membrane to the dermal, but also provides perfect fit to your skin.

The packaging is quite similar to previous mask that i review HERE, only the colour changed. This mask has 3 layers as you can see in the picture (how to use) above which consist of white plastic with holes, the mask and blue plastic layer. 

*enjoying my mask session

The result :

When i put on the mask, i can feel a cooling sensation. Best gila sebab rasa sejuk je muka, sesejuk kabus di Gunung Everest! Aha :D When i took off the mask, the essence absorb in just a few seconds and leave my skin moist, smooth and softer. My skin turns a bit brighter as you can see close up below. But for more minimizing effect, it doesn't give much different. 

*photo taken with iphone without editing

LUDEYA Hydro White Moisturing Bio Cellulose Mask is available at Sa Sa

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