Dec 17, 2013

Ludeya Brightening Moisturizing Bio Cellulose Mask review

Have you read my previous review about Ludeya masks? You can read it HERE and HERE. So, the next Ludeya mask that i'm going to review is Ludeya Brightening Moisturizing Bio Cellulose Mask.

LUDEYA Brightening Moisturizing Bio Cellulose Mask
(Whitening + Hydrating)
Suitable Skin Type : Dullness, Dry, Uneven Skin Tone
Contains of the most premium Diamond Extract + Switzerland Highland Botanical compounds extracts GIGAWHITE which enhance skin cell stimulation, leave skin silky smooth, fair and translucent.

This specially formulate mask is made of hydro velour, a kind of bio cellulose membranes is produced by Acetobacter via fermentation processes. It is chemically pure, free of lignin and emicellulose, high crystallinity and high DP, diameter 1/100 of that of plant cellulose, complex polysaccharide with crystalline morphology, Biodegradable and more resistant to hydrolysis than starch. It is high purity, high mechanical strength, fine reticular tissue, and high water absorptive power with excellent expansibility. The density gradient configuration not only enhances the transfer efficiency of essence from membrane to the dermal, but also provides perfect fit to your skin.

This mask consists of 3 layers which are white plastic with holes, the mask and blue plastic layer. Please refer picture above for direction of how to apply this mask.

The mask is quite big and doesn't fit my face perfectly but i'm still enjoying my pampering session with Ludeya mask.. hihi ^_^

Just like the previous LUDEYA masks that i reviewed HERE and HERE, it gives cooling sensation when i put it onto my face. Well, as for me, i love this one compared to other two Ludeya masks that i reviewed HERE and HERE  because this mask gives brightening effect as claimed in the description. It is also even out my skin tone ^_^ This mask will be perfect to put on before i apply any makeup because it smoothen my skin. Doesn't my skin looks a little bit fair, right? =)

LUDEYA Brightening Moisturizing Bio Cellulose Mask is available at Sa Sa

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  1. Nampak segar sangat. Bestkan pamper diri sendiri ^_^


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