Nov 24, 2013

[REVIEW] Carol Priest Rose and Almond Oil Cleansing Cream

Di entry Carol Priest sebelum ni (LINK), anis ada mention yang cleansing milk dapat membantu mencuci muka dengan lebih efektif. Hari ni, anis nak review Carol Priest Rose and Almond Oil Cleansing Cream pula yang mana fungsinya sama seperti cleansing milk tapi yang ni dalam bentuk cream.
Carol Priest Rose and Almond Oil Cleansing Cream, 50g
for normal & combination skin types

A traditional rose, almond oil and beeswax water-rinseable cleanser. It effectively and gently emulsifies lipstick, eye, face and neck make-up and impurities. Contains pure essential oil of rose centifolia, which has soothing and cooling qualities, promoting a clear complexion.

How to use :
- To benefit fully from any further care your skin must first be clean and free from all traces of impurities.
- Make a warm compress using a clean wash cloth. and apply firmly to the face and neck areas for a few minutes. This soaking helps the aromatic essential oils and plant oils dissolve and soften skin waste.
- Apply a small quantity of cleanser to your face and neck and massage using small circular motions with enough water to produce a creamy lather.
- Remove the emulsion using a warm damp wash cloth. Rinse the last traces by splashing warm water over your face and neck. Finish with a cold compress. No need to towel dry.

Packaging : Glass jar with cover. The glass jar helps to prevent heat. So, that the product can be keep cool even at high room temperature especially here in Malaysia.

Color : Soft rose pink

Scent : Rose and not too strong fragrance

Texture : A little bit thick cream but easily blend and apply on face.

Honestly, anis lagi suka cleansing cream ni berbanding cleansing milk yang anis review sebelum ni. Cleansing cream ni lagi senang nak handle dan kesannya lebih efektif. Lepas cuci muka guna cleansing cream ni, kulit anis lebih licin dan lembap serta ianya membersihkan muka anis dengan lebih baik bila anis guna bersama cleanser. Baunya juga wangi dan menenangkan. Rasa best je bila kulit wangi ^_^

Rate :

Extra note :
- Not suitable for pregnant woman
- Use in 6 months after opening
- Avoid leakage and contamination
- Keep this product at temperature not more than 30'C
- Store in cool and dry place
- Keep away from direct sunlight

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