Nov 25, 2013

[REVIEW] Carol Priest Rosa Damascena Facial Lotion

Selalu nya pakai body lotion, ni first time anis try facial lotion which is Carol Priest Rosa Damascena Facial Lotion. Masa mula-mula sampai parcel dari HiShop, bau kotak HiShop wangi sangat! Dan anis rasa, bau wangi tu datang dari facial lotion ni. Teruja nak try! Carol Priest product review yang sebelum ni : orange flower cleansing milk (LINK), rose and almond oil cleansing cream (LINK) dan damask rose toner (LINK).

Carol Priest Rosa Damascena Facial Lotion, 50ml

for sensitive, dry & mature skin types

An easily absorbed intensive treatment hydrating rich facial moisture fluid for mature skin types. Contains a high percentage of nourishing 100% certified organic oils ie. macadamia nut oil and rosehip seed oil, apricot kernal oil and naturally occuring vitamins B5, A and E. The sensual fragrance of the Damascena Rose harmonizes spirit and soul and has a positive effect on skin tissue. The pure plant oils in this intensive treatment day lotion have been protected from oxidation and rancidity by adding non genetically modified naturally occuring vitamin E oil. It also protects your skin from harmful ozone damage and damage from the sun by neutralising free radicals.

How to use :
Each morning apply a small amount of moisture cream to a slightly damp cleansed and toned face and neck.

Packaging : Glass spray bottle with lid. The transparent lid is tight enough to prevent the product from contamination.

Color : Light nude pink

Scent : Very strong rose fragrance and a little bit macadamia nut scent

Texture : Light liquid and a little bit creamy

Bagi anis, facial lotion ni sangat-sangat wangi sampaikan anis rasa macam pakai perfume. Serious wangi gila! Rasa macam nak sedut bau rose kat muka ni sepanjang masa! *Sedut pun boleh... hahaha :D Tapi takde lah sepanjang masa, kang kembang hidung iolls yang tak berapa nak mancung ni... hikhik >_< Lepas dah sapu facial lotion ni, anis rasa kulit anis lebih tebal dan sihat serta lembap! Rasa best je belai-belai kulit sebab licin dan lembap. Kalau tak, kulit anis ni jenis kering dan senang menggelupas. Facial lotion ni juga cepat meresap ke dalam kulit, maybe sebab texture facial lotion ni yang ringan, sedikit cair dan tidak terlalu pekat. Tapi malangnya, facial lotion ni tak sesuai dengan kulit muka anis... :'( Lepas pakai dua tiga kali, kulit muka naik jeragat, tapi tak lah teruk mana. Lepas tu, anis dah stop guna facial lotion ni dekat muka, tapi still guna as body lotion... Sedih iolls... Tsk Tsk T_T

Rate :

Extra note :
- Not suitable for pregnant woman
- Use in 6 months after opening
- Avoid leakage and contamination
- Keep this product at temperature not more than 30'C
- Store in cool and dry place
- Keep away from direct sunlight

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