Nov 2, 2013

Bubble Gum Wax Part 1

Langsung tak pernah terfikir untuk buat waxing sebelum ni. Bila tengok dalam America Next Top Model, diorang ada pegi buat waxing, pergh, nampak sakit gila! Gila seram cabut bulu guna wax. Zrap! >_<

20 Oktober 2013 yang lepas, anis bersama butterflies yang lain dari The Butterfly Project telah berpeluang untuk merasai sendiri waxing di Bubble Gum Wax, Plaza Damas. Bukan waxing dekat kaki ke badan ke tapi Brazilian Waxing uolss!!! You know what i mean??? Huhuhu... 

So, here i am!

Bubble Gum Wax specially deco for us =)


Essential kit for us to use after waxing

Ice Cream!!!


Most naughty and sexiest cookies i've ever try! The taste is good :p

Comel kan diorang decorate ^_^ I feel like attending a birthday party. I wish I could have a birthday bash like this one day. Is it too much for my age? hahahah :D

Kak Illy give some explanation about what we are going to do that day.

Bubble Gum Wax stuff who gonna assist us for our waxing session. They are friendly and don't worry, they are expert in waxing. I'm sure everything will be alright ^_^

Apart from ice cream and sweet dessert, we also had a wonton noodle that day. I think this is my first time eating wonton noodle. The taste is good =)

I'm having my super sweet chocolate ice cream ^_^

On that day, kitorang kena buat some DIY stuff from shoe box. Oh, there are prizes to be win actually. The prizes are cash voucher to redeem at Bubble Gum Wax which are worth RM500, RM300 and RM150 cash voucher. Awesome right! Tapi sayangnya anis tak kreatif  =_='

My lame DIY shoe box :')

Waktu tengah buat DIY shoe box, some of us having their waxing session by turn. At the end of the day, we had a group photo.

So, wanna know how do i feel all along waxing session? Nanti anis ceritakan dalam part 2, tunggu ya :D

Thank you The Butterfly Project and Bubble Gum Wax for giving me this opportunity ^_^

House of Wax Sdn Bhd
F-1-7, Block F, Plaza Damas,
No. 60, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : 03-6211 5038/39

Bubble Gum Wax

The Butterfly Project



  1. sakit tak anis ?? haha. pastu malu tak ?? haha. kalau gi tempat camni..mesti takkan diorang nak wax kan armpit plak. haha

  2. Wah anis dah try..skali ngan kak neena;-)

  3. wow bab makanan tu yang best tu

  4. arghhh sakitnya!! heee...ingatkan dapat jumpa anis kat event guess tapi tengok tengok anis takde...insya Allah one day law ada rezeki,,,kita jumpa k

  5. wah... experinence baru~~~~~! seronoknya..

  6. wah bestnya kat makanan tu.. sedapp :)

  7. Teringin nak ikut sis pergi sekali. Huhu.

  8. sedapnya tgk candy buffet tue....hihihi

  9. haha...the best part about wax, satisfied when saw all the hair gone. more hygienic..whereevr part you do wax..

  10. alaaaa.. bestnyeeeeee . jelesnyaaaa


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