Jul 20, 2013

Resepi Tasmanian Herb Crusted Salmon Filet

Di bulan puasa ni mesti ada yang berazam nak diet kan?
Ingat lagi tak entry anis sebelum ni yang anis ada masak healthy food (LINK)
So, hari ni anis nak kongsikan resepi masakan yang anis masak sebelum ni
Menu : Tasmanian Herb Crusted Salmon Filet

Ingredients for 25 servings :
  • 25 pc deboned salmon filet
  • 30 pc potatoes
  • 10 pc garlic cloves
  • 10 pc white onion
  • 200ml cream
  • 150g butter
  • 2 table spoon Japanese breadcrumbs
  • 2 tee spoon olive oil
  • Chopped herbs
  • Olive oil, wassabi paste, salt and pepper

Method :
  • For Salmon : Sear the bottom side of the salmon in hot pan and then remove onto tray

  • For mash potato : Peel and boil potatoes until soft. Then, mash with cream and butter
  • For onion on top of the mash potato : Peel and cut onions into thin slices and panfry golden brown

  • For dressing on top of the salmon : Mix bread crumbs with olive oil, herbs, salt and pepper. Put on the salmon and bake in oven at 200 Celsius until brownish
  • Decorate with lemon slice and serve hot

Thanks to Chef Paul for the cooking lesson at The Food Studio
Happy cooking


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