Jun 28, 2013

I need a massage!

Do you remember that I blogged about Spa Party organized by The Butterfly Project before (LINK)
For upcoming July, again they come out with another super duper awesome event for us, bloggers!
Woot woot!
Believe me, they are awesome!
Like their page now (LINK)

July's project by The Butterfly Project : The Massage Party
Sounds exciting am I right? ^_^

There will be three collaborators for this project which are Amante Nail Spa & Body Care, Photobooth Malaysia and also Ask Joey - The Sweetest Party

Amante Nail Spa & Body Care

How i wish to have a relaxing day at Amante...
Well, who don't!
Look at their space, the decoration really makes me feel like a princess that having a getaway
And it will be even more fun when there will be other princess to enjoy the relaxation session together at Amante
And The Massage Party is the right thing to attend

Talking about Amante, other than manicure and pedicure, they also offer some other treatments
And I aiming for hot stone massage! tehee >_<
After reading Tammy (plusizekitten) review about hot stone massage here (LINK) and here (LINK), I really want to give it a try, seriously!

So, why i need a massage???
First, because i never try the hot stone massage yet and from Tammy's review, it makes me really really want to try it. Before this, I afraid to try it because the name of it which is HOT. I have been thinking that my skin will burn! But, hell no! There is no such thing am I right? Lame anis.. hehehe!

Second, because The Massage Party will be held right after I finished my final exam which is on Friday. Such a great timing! Having a relaxation day at Amante right after I stressed out my week with examination is such a great pleasure to have
Well, thanks to The Butterfly Project for organizing this event
You are so kind *touch* Tsk Tsk.. :')

Photobooth Malaysia
An event will not be perfect without a beautiful photo
I can't wait to see the beautiful pictures from Photobooth Malaysia of this event

Their service included:
- Guest Book
- Instant Printing
- Album Printing
- singer / Emcee / DJ
- Photography service
- Props renting and sale
- Photo post processing
- Cinematography service
- Customized photo frame for door gift 


Ask Joey - The Sweetest Party

Oh yes of course, we need something sweet for our sweet relaxation party
Have a look at the pictures below
For sure you wont resist the candy, cakes, snacks and others
*terliur sudah*


So, what to wait for?
Let's join this awesome contest and win yourself to this special event (LINK)
Good luck
^_^ XOxo


  1. blog dia dahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh comeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :D

  2. homaiii...merambangkan mata ...suka tgk tempat spa kat atas tu. hihi.


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