May 27, 2013

Who say no to Havaianas!

Hi everyone

I had mention about Havaianas in previous entry and now I want to write more about it

Flip flop is a must have item for everybody
I rather choose to wear flip flop when I want to go for shopping rather than wearing high heels
Please don't make your feet suffer
And this time I want to introduce to my readers a gorgeous and outstanding flip flop from Havaianas

Why i want Havaianas!
One of the reason is Havaianas produces stylish flip flop yet comfortable

Look at this Havaianas flip flop
I love the design and color combination and I think this is my wish list flip flop from Havaianas i guess

Oh, look at this!
More extraordinary flip flop design from Havaianas
cool aite?

So, where to get this cool flip flop?
One of the branch that I know is at Pavilion, KL

Want to know more about Havaianas, log on to and follow their twitter :



  1. Anis....mahal x slipper nie?cantikla design dye..

  2. Anis, kita berkenan lak design last sblh kanan tu baris atas skali.. hihi ...

  3. akma khaeiri : tak sure harga dia brape.. cantik kan :)

    lily erliyani : wow, sophisticated taste akak.. great choice :)

  4. Mula-mula ingatkan ape la havaianas ni. Baru tahu! Cantik. Like usual, I prefer pink one :)

  5. Hi! 안녕하세요~~! please do visit our blog! we sell
    purely handmade jewelries~
    쇼핑하시면 더 감사합니다~~^^

  6. cantik2 design dia.....
    Tapi dah lama nya tak pakai flipflop...


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