May 27, 2013

The Butterfly Project's Spa Party

Hi everyone

Do you remember that I mentioned about The Butterfly Project before?
This time, The Butterfly Project handle a very awesome event which all of us don't want to miss out!
Who say no to Spa Party???
Yes, this time The Butterfly Project will invite 50 beauty bloggers to this awesome spa party
I can't wait!

So here is the list of the collaborators
Seriously all of the collaborators are establish company and for sure this spa party going to be very very very AWESOME!
*excited already*
This spa party will held at Posh! Nail Spa
I really want my nails done
Those manicure and pedicure, I rarely do it and this is the correct time to have the most relaxing and fun manicure and pedicure session with all of the beauty bloggers that have the same passion as me

Look at the space for the pedicure, looks really comfort and cozy 

Other than that, we are going to have this cute treat from Idea Food Solution all along the party
My stomach will never say no to these cuties

Every party or event that i went, there must be this Fotobox that make us post like a diva and the picture straight away print out from the box
Like an insta camera but this is the big insta camera

The first time I saw this picture, i say "WOW! Tres Chic Party Planner is awesome! They are so creative!"
I bet this spa party will have the best decoration and I will not stop snapping picture all over the place

The Body Shop is one of my most favorite brand!
One of the reason I choose The Body Shop is their products are 100% VEGETARIAN
I am one of The Body Shop member for 2 years already

JOHNSON'S® is a brand that being used from generation to generation
When i was a baby, my mom used JOHNSON'S® baby and when I grow up, I still using JOHNSON'S® product which is JOHNSON'S® milk bath and lotion
JOHNSON'S® is a well-known brand and I can say that this brand is people choice brand
I love the JOHNSON'S® lotion because it keeps my skin moisturize all along the day

Spa party will not complete without an extremely gorgeous flip-flop and the great thing is Havaianas will be one of the collaborators for this spa party
I will blog about Havaianas in next entry oryte ^_^

Thank you to The Butterfly Project to introduce me with PinkNProper because i had fall in love with the collections already *faint*

Beauty is not complete without a great mask from TT Mask
Look at the mask, it has cool design and extraordinary from other mask
Can you imagine your face in yellow, pink, blue, green and black mask???
This will be a great experience i will ever had

Again, I would like to thank The Butterfly Project for introducing me with this beauties must know website
Head on to the and get freebies to your door step now :D

Well, thinking of spa party that i never attend before, so here is my imagination for the party :

The Butterfly Project want me to give 3 reasons why I will not miss this spa party but I think I have more than that

But these are the top 3 reasons why I will not miss this spa party :
1) I really want my nails done
2) This will be my first time experience attending spa party with the beauties that share the same passion as me
3) I love all the collaborators and I am very looking forward toward this event

The Butterfly Project, please choose me
Pweatty pleash....
*kenyit mata*

Join the spa party contest here :


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