May 31, 2013 re-opening invitation

Hi semua

Masih ingatkah korang dengan baju fishtail peplum anis ni

Berita baik untuk orang-orang Taiping, ini lah masanya untuk korang dapatkan fishtail peplum di butik Padieka! akan mengadakan re-opening butik diorang di :
318 Ground Floor
Jalan Kamunting
34600 Kamunting
No tel : 05-8052102

Re-opening ini akan diadakan esok iaitu 1 Jun 2013 bermula 10.00 pagi sehingga 6.00 petang

  • Exclusive cute doorgift for the first 100 guests
  • All welcomed to register for member card
  • All item got discount price for member card holder
  • Sale from 10-30%
  • Wearing padieka collection will get special free gift by purchasing RM100+-
"We are not just giving a discounts that day, but we also got new design of clothing from our own collection such as fishtail peplum (now available in 10 colors), Palazzo (in 12 variety of color), our signature highwaist skirts, and many many more including tribal skirts"

Shop at the boutique or shop online here


  1. wow, cutenya fishtail peplum tu..warna pun lembut jea..cantik2..:)

  2. woohoo..bestnyaaa..
    btw, serious awk comel sgt ;)
    ada lesung pipit ehhh..bestnyaaa..

  3. Perghh, Lawa la design fishtail peplum ni.. Warna pon lembut je.. :)

  4. jom bace entry baruu.

  5. Aiseehhhh serius akak cantik :)


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