May 30, 2013

Girls and makeup

Hi everyone

As i grow up, makeup is like the must have items that i need
I remembered when i first try to use makeup was when i attended anniversary party 4 years ago
It looks very very very weird and ugly
And my attire for that day was just like a fashion disaster
Starting from that, i try to improve my makeup skill
Starting with applying eyeliner and mascara
Thanks to Nuffnang for a lots of event that i had join and gave me chances to sharpen my makeup skill at the same time
But, still i need more improvement to do

The Laneige K Beauty Blogger workshop is just the right thing that i should join
Just right in time!
For a young adult like me, i really need someone to guide and show me the way for better makeup

Actually this is my first time browsing Laneige product and i think i just fall in love with the top 3 best seller makeups they have

The Snow BB Soothing Cushion is just like BB cream i guess
This product will give a whitening, sunscreen, sweat proof, soothing and makeup effect
This is amazing!
All benefit in one product
That's why i fall in love with this product

The Volume Setting Mascara is another product that i like
The mascara that i used before was very heavy and make me feel sleepy
I always felt sleepy when i put mascara on
Is this happen to me only???
By the way, this Volume Setting Mascara being claimed that it has zero weight and zero flake
I definitely want to try this mascara

The last one is Snow Crystal Moisture Lipstick
I love lipstick that also moisturize my lips
My lips always dry and applying colorless lip balm is just so so boring lah
A little bit of color may give me a fresher look
This kind of product is just the thing that i should have

To have a good makeup, we need a good skin too
Laneige also has a skin care products and the product that i love most is Water Sleeping Pack_EX

This product received Cosmo Asian Beauty Awards
This product must be great!
It is a light gel-type texture that provide intensive hydration, vitality and brightening effect while restoring skin with deep relaxation

Oh, here is my latest eye makeup
My first time using eye shadow
Thanks to beauty youtuber for the awesome tutorial
Theme : Fantasy

Theme : Glam Night

Laneige website :



  1. Practise make perfect.....
    Sekarang dah pandai kan make up?? Hehehehe....
    Perempuan dan make up memang tak dapat dipisahkan,...
    Belum oenah try lagi product tu....

  2. wahh cantik nya anissss <# love it

  3. wah awak buat juga..semoga berjaya..:)

  4. heee.. Kita pun join jugak! Good luck Anis

  5. Cantik nyer baju anis dalam pic last skali tu :)

  6. AJ : boleh la sikit2 tapi tak expert macam AJ lagi.. hehehe

    Syuhada Nasya : ^_^

    Asyik Izas : good luck too :)

    Mira Cikcit : lama dah tak jumpa, hope we can meet at this workshop.. good luck too ^_^

    Schajar McFlurry : wee... beli kat time square je ni ^_^


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