May 31, 2013 re-opening invitation

Hi semua

Masih ingatkah korang dengan baju fishtail peplum anis ni

Berita baik untuk orang-orang Taiping, ini lah masanya untuk korang dapatkan fishtail peplum di butik Padieka! akan mengadakan re-opening butik diorang di :
318 Ground Floor
Jalan Kamunting
34600 Kamunting
No tel : 05-8052102

Re-opening ini akan diadakan esok iaitu 1 Jun 2013 bermula 10.00 pagi sehingga 6.00 petang

  • Exclusive cute doorgift for the first 100 guests
  • All welcomed to register for member card
  • All item got discount price for member card holder
  • Sale from 10-30%
  • Wearing padieka collection will get special free gift by purchasing RM100+-
"We are not just giving a discounts that day, but we also got new design of clothing from our own collection such as fishtail peplum (now available in 10 colors), Palazzo (in 12 variety of color), our signature highwaist skirts, and many many more including tribal skirts"

Shop at the boutique or shop online here

May 30, 2013

Girls and makeup

Hi everyone

As i grow up, makeup is like the must have items that i need
I remembered when i first try to use makeup was when i attended anniversary party 4 years ago
It looks very very very weird and ugly
And my attire for that day was just like a fashion disaster
Starting from that, i try to improve my makeup skill
Starting with applying eyeliner and mascara
Thanks to Nuffnang for a lots of event that i had join and gave me chances to sharpen my makeup skill at the same time
But, still i need more improvement to do

The Laneige K Beauty Blogger workshop is just the right thing that i should join
Just right in time!
For a young adult like me, i really need someone to guide and show me the way for better makeup

Actually this is my first time browsing Laneige product and i think i just fall in love with the top 3 best seller makeups they have

The Snow BB Soothing Cushion is just like BB cream i guess
This product will give a whitening, sunscreen, sweat proof, soothing and makeup effect
This is amazing!
All benefit in one product
That's why i fall in love with this product

The Volume Setting Mascara is another product that i like
The mascara that i used before was very heavy and make me feel sleepy
I always felt sleepy when i put mascara on
Is this happen to me only???
By the way, this Volume Setting Mascara being claimed that it has zero weight and zero flake
I definitely want to try this mascara

The last one is Snow Crystal Moisture Lipstick
I love lipstick that also moisturize my lips
My lips always dry and applying colorless lip balm is just so so boring lah
A little bit of color may give me a fresher look
This kind of product is just the thing that i should have

To have a good makeup, we need a good skin too
Laneige also has a skin care products and the product that i love most is Water Sleeping Pack_EX

This product received Cosmo Asian Beauty Awards
This product must be great!
It is a light gel-type texture that provide intensive hydration, vitality and brightening effect while restoring skin with deep relaxation

Oh, here is my latest eye makeup
My first time using eye shadow
Thanks to beauty youtuber for the awesome tutorial
Theme : Fantasy

Theme : Glam Night

Laneige website :


May 27, 2013

Who say no to Havaianas!

Hi everyone

I had mention about Havaianas in previous entry and now I want to write more about it

Flip flop is a must have item for everybody
I rather choose to wear flip flop when I want to go for shopping rather than wearing high heels
Please don't make your feet suffer
And this time I want to introduce to my readers a gorgeous and outstanding flip flop from Havaianas

Why i want Havaianas!
One of the reason is Havaianas produces stylish flip flop yet comfortable

Look at this Havaianas flip flop
I love the design and color combination and I think this is my wish list flip flop from Havaianas i guess

Oh, look at this!
More extraordinary flip flop design from Havaianas
cool aite?

So, where to get this cool flip flop?
One of the branch that I know is at Pavilion, KL

Want to know more about Havaianas, log on to and follow their twitter :


The Butterfly Project's Spa Party

Hi everyone

Do you remember that I mentioned about The Butterfly Project before?
This time, The Butterfly Project handle a very awesome event which all of us don't want to miss out!
Who say no to Spa Party???
Yes, this time The Butterfly Project will invite 50 beauty bloggers to this awesome spa party
I can't wait!

So here is the list of the collaborators
Seriously all of the collaborators are establish company and for sure this spa party going to be very very very AWESOME!
*excited already*
This spa party will held at Posh! Nail Spa
I really want my nails done
Those manicure and pedicure, I rarely do it and this is the correct time to have the most relaxing and fun manicure and pedicure session with all of the beauty bloggers that have the same passion as me

Look at the space for the pedicure, looks really comfort and cozy 

Other than that, we are going to have this cute treat from Idea Food Solution all along the party
My stomach will never say no to these cuties

Every party or event that i went, there must be this Fotobox that make us post like a diva and the picture straight away print out from the box
Like an insta camera but this is the big insta camera

The first time I saw this picture, i say "WOW! Tres Chic Party Planner is awesome! They are so creative!"
I bet this spa party will have the best decoration and I will not stop snapping picture all over the place

The Body Shop is one of my most favorite brand!
One of the reason I choose The Body Shop is their products are 100% VEGETARIAN
I am one of The Body Shop member for 2 years already

JOHNSON'S® is a brand that being used from generation to generation
When i was a baby, my mom used JOHNSON'S® baby and when I grow up, I still using JOHNSON'S® product which is JOHNSON'S® milk bath and lotion
JOHNSON'S® is a well-known brand and I can say that this brand is people choice brand
I love the JOHNSON'S® lotion because it keeps my skin moisturize all along the day

Spa party will not complete without an extremely gorgeous flip-flop and the great thing is Havaianas will be one of the collaborators for this spa party
I will blog about Havaianas in next entry oryte ^_^

Thank you to The Butterfly Project to introduce me with PinkNProper because i had fall in love with the collections already *faint*

Beauty is not complete without a great mask from TT Mask
Look at the mask, it has cool design and extraordinary from other mask
Can you imagine your face in yellow, pink, blue, green and black mask???
This will be a great experience i will ever had

Again, I would like to thank The Butterfly Project for introducing me with this beauties must know website
Head on to the and get freebies to your door step now :D

Well, thinking of spa party that i never attend before, so here is my imagination for the party :

The Butterfly Project want me to give 3 reasons why I will not miss this spa party but I think I have more than that

But these are the top 3 reasons why I will not miss this spa party :
1) I really want my nails done
2) This will be my first time experience attending spa party with the beauties that share the same passion as me
3) I love all the collaborators and I am very looking forward toward this event

The Butterfly Project, please choose me
Pweatty pleash....
*kenyit mata*

Join the spa party contest here :

May 23, 2013

Nuffnang Premiere Screening Fast & Furious 6

Hi semua

Hari selasa lepas (21 mei 2013) anis berpeluang menonton Fast & Furious 6 di TGV One Utama
Thanks to Nuffnang

Disebabkan orang tu ada exam, kali ni anis pergi dengan kawan anis, Ayu dan anis sendiri yang drive
Ni kira first time la kowt drive sendiri ke Damansara
Biasa mintak nak drive dekat orang tu, dia tak nak bagi....
Katanya anis tak cukup cekap nak drive dekat KL
Well, dekat rumah anis drive Isuzu Dmax kowt

Kereta ni :

Ni kereta umi anis tapi anis dan adik anis kalau nak gi mana-mana guna kereta ni
Umi anis memang dahsyat tahu!

Disebabkan jarang-jarang ke Damansara, dan kawan anis pun nak merasa meatball IKEA, before kitorang ke OU, kitorang singgah jap kat IKEA

Meatball 15 ketul bersama fries : RM14
Lupa pulak harga chicken wings dengan potato tu

Tapi meatball IKEA ni memang sedap lah
Chicken wings tu pun terbaik!
Kenyang makan 3 ketul chicken wings dan 7 ketul meatball

Lepas shopping dan solat maghrib, terus ke OU
Tapi sebab dua2 tak tau jalan maka kitorang guna la Waze (GPS)
Sesat jugak tapi nasib baik sampai OU on time

Sesampai OU je terus ambil ticket dan solat isyak
Lepas tu, cepat2 pegi TGV balik
Walaupun seat kitorang depan sekali tapi kerusi nye sangat lah empuk
Selesa sangat dan tak sakit tengkuk pun even duduk depan sekali

Fast & Furious 6 ni bagi anis best cuma nak dibanding dengan Fast 5, anis rasa Fast 5 lagi best
Maybe sebab tak banyak scene racing kowt tapi still best dengan lawak2 bodoh diorang ni
Dan dalam Fast 6 ni ada dua watak yang akan mati...
Kawan anis siap cakap kecewa lagi sebab watak kesukaan die mati dalam Fast 6 ni
Tapi, ada satu watak kembali iaitu Letty, gf kepada Dom

Kalau korang ikut Fast & Furious dari dulu lagi, korang wajib tengok Fast & Furious 6 ni
Sebab banyak benda berlaku dan part last muncul satu watak yang buat semua orang tak sabar nak tengok next Fast & Furious

Jom tengok trailer Fast & Furious 6 (err.. 18 tahun ke atas sahaja)


May 17, 2013

saya sudah jatuh hati pada...

Hi semua

Hari ni hujan renyai-renyai memang best sangat lah golek-golek atas katil
Nasib baik hari ni takde class
Sebelum ni, hampir dua minggu cuaca panas terik
Tidur pun berpeluh-peluh
Alhamdulillah, hari ni hujan, dah sejuk balik dah

Satu lagi perkara yang buat anis ceria je hari ni bila tengok video bawah ni :

Seriously anis dah jatuh hati sangat dekat Acer Aspire P3 Convertible Ultrabook™ ni

Sekarang ni pun anis guna laptop brand Acer
Laptop yang anis guna ni sejak 2010 lagi
Lama dah usia laptop anis ni, tapi masih lagi bertahan demi tuannya yang suka blogging
tehee >_<

Tapi, terpasang jugak niat nak cari laptop baru
Bila tengok video atas tu, terus rasa nak beli Acer Aspire P3 Convertible Ultrabook™
Mana tak jatuh hati nye, dah la ultraportable, boleh detachable pulak tu, pastu touch centric pulak tu
Senang nak bawa ke mana-mana, senang la nak blogging ke buat assignment ke...
Pastu boleh lipat jadi macam tablet
Acer Aspire P3 Convertible Ultrabook™ ni Ultrabook™. Inspired by Intel.
Serious Acer Aspire P3 Convertible Ultrabook™ ni memang awesome!
Tak percaya, tengok video kat atas tu
Walaupun hanya sekadar laptop, tapi kegunaannya melebihi jangkaan
Harap-harap cukup duit nak beli Acer Aspire P3 Convertible Ultrabook™


May 16, 2013

DiGi Buddyz Drama Production : #buddyzaizat

Hi semua

Pada hari sabtu lepas (11 mei 2013), anis berpeluang melihat sendiri pembikinan DiGi Buddyz Drama di Taman Tasik Titiwangsa
Drama kali ini sempena contest Buddyz Aizat
Thanks to Nuffnang and DiGi for the invite ^_^

Kalau nak tau, Taman Tasik Titiwangsa ni betul-betul depan kolej anis
So anis jalan kaki je pegi event kali ni
Takde lah nak menyusahkan orang tu angkut kita sana sini pegi event.. Hewhew

Of course lah anis antara orang terawal yang sampai
Untuk event kali ini, selain bloggers jemputan Nuffnang, ada juga instagramers dan juga finalist untuk contest Buddyz Aizat

Ni first time ni nak tengok orang berlakon
Di set pengambaran
Aaaannnd action!

Pada mulanya, anis ingatkan just ada Aizat, rupanya ada jugak artis2 lain seperti Wawa Zainal, Alif Satar, Syed Ali dan Eliza
Tak sangka dalam satu event boleh jumpa ramai artis
Paling excited dapat jumpa Alif Satar
Minat sangat lagu Alif Satar yang baru tu-Pendusta

Selain dapat tengok sesi pengambaran drama Buddyz Aizat ni, kitorang dapat tengok Aizat busking live
Walaupun panas terik tapi Aizat gigih menghiburkan kitorang sambil-sambil acting untuk drama Buddyz Aizat

*panas terik time ni, jadi terpaksa lah berpayung sementara tunggu director cakap 'action'

Bukan Aizat dan artis2 je yang berlakon, kitorang semua pun terjoin sekali
Jadi extras on the spot

Penat jugak berlakon ni
Nak kena tahan panas terik lagi
Tapi respect la dekat diorang ni, even panas terik tapi tetap buat yang terbaik

Me with Alif Satar

Me with Wawa Zainal

Mula-mula tak cam Wawa Zainal sebab dalam tv nampak macam berisi sikit tapi bila dia senyum nampak lesung pipit tu baru perasan tu Wawa Zainal

Melaka Boy pun ada

Antara bloggers yang hadir, Cik Lily Putih dan J.M.R23

Dapat kenal bloggers baru dan dapat jumpa Mek Onie
Mek Onie selalu datang comment kat blog anis, anis pun selalu blogwalking ke blog Mek Onie ni
Tak sangka dapat jumpa :)

*picture credit to Mek Onie

Dari kiri GKSB, Mek Onie, anis dan Puan Su Su
Baru perasan takde gambar anis dengan Kak Ecah tapi banyak pula gambar anis dalam kamera dia, LOL!
Takpe Kak Ecah, ada rezeki kita jumpa lagi kita snap gambar bersama banyak-banyak k :)


May 4, 2013

Kambing bakor!

Hi semua

Seronok betul CikEpal, Fatin Liyana, Yuyu Zulaikha, Irine Nadia dan beberapa lagi blogger lain duk cerita tentang Abang Burn ni
'Handsome' sangat ke Abang Burn ni sampai semua blogger cun lagi famous duk cerita pasal dia ni
Nasib anis perempuan, kalau tak dah jealous dah dengan Abang Burn ni

Sebabkan semua duk cerita tentang Abang Burn ni, anis pun nak jugak merasa 'ketampanan' Abang Burn ni
Kalau yang belum tahu, Abang Burn ni gerai burger bakar yang tersohor abad ini

Dah banyak kawasan jajahan Abang Burn ni
Paling dekat dengan anis, dekat Ampang
Tak sampai 15 minit dah sampai tempat tu
Nasib ada Waze
Application GPS yang terbaik pernah anis guna walaupun aceli dia bagi jalan jauh kan
Kalau ikut jalan dekat dalam 10 minit dah boleh sampai rasanya

Waktu anis sampai kat sana, dah ramai yang beratur nak beli burger bakar Abang Burn ni
Tapi semuanya sistematik dan pantas
Tak sampai 15 minit lepas anis order, terus sampai burger bakar anis

Kali ni anis pilih Burn Cheese Lamb berharga RM11.50

Untuk menu ni termasuk onion ring, roti burger, sayur, 1 slice cheese dan daging kambing yang sangat sedap!
I repeat, sangat sedap!

Anis ni kalau ada kambing memang anis exaggerate sikit

Selain itu, semestinya tujuan anis ke Abang Burn ni untuk merasa menu baru Abang Burn iaitu Meatball Abang Burn berharga RM9.90

Meatball Abang Burn ni special sebab diperbuat daripada 100% daging dan juga dihidangkan dengan Mushroom Brown Sauce resepi Abang Burn sendiri, bersama Burn Wedges Abang Burn

Meatball ni memang rasa daging 100%
Takde rasa tepung langsung
Cuma brown sauce tu sedikit cair, kalau pekat sikit mesti akan bertambah mantap meatball Abang Burn ni
Bagi anis lah...

Ada banyak lagi menu best2 dekat Abang Burn ni, korang boleh tengok kat sini :

Kawasan jajahan Abang Burn :

Facebook Abang Burn :

Website Abang Burn :


May 3, 2013

Malaysia International Gifts & Premiums Expo 2013

Hi semua

This saying is a driving force in the gift and premium industry. The art of gifting has been practiced on a personal and corporate level. Companies present gifts and premiums to show their appreciation to their customers and partners as well as for branding and incentive programs.
MIGP Expo 2013 is making its comeback as the 3-day intensive business gathering for gift & premium suppliers to showcase their latest range of products to potential customers from the corporate and public sector. It is the event where potential buyers visit to source for new gift ideas and meet the industry suppliers face-to-face.

For more information visit

Malaysia International Gifts & Premiums Expo 2013
Save the date  : 13-15 MAY 2013
Visiting hours : 10.00am - 6.00pm
Venue : Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC)
Admission : Trade Visitors aged 18 and above
This event organize by Interexpo (M) Sdn. Bhd.

See you there!

Bag of Love review

Hi semua

Masih ingatkah dalam entry INI anis duk pung pang pung pang cakap pasal Bag of Love
Alhamdulillah, anis antara blogger yang menerima Bag of Love secara percuma untuk di-review
Suka sangat!
Lompat bintang empatpulohempatjutakali!

Excited anis menunggu Bag of Love ni untuk sampai
Tak sabar-sabar nak tahu apa isi dalam Bag of Love untuk edisi April lepas

Akhirnya selasa lepas (30 April 2013) sampai juga Bag of Love ni
Kemain excited anis
Nervous sesangat nak buka parcel macam nervous nak tengok result exam!
okeh tipu... Nak tengok result exam tu paling nervous abad ini

Bag of Love ni dihantar menggunakan Airpak Express

And here is the Bag of Love <3

Bersempena dengan Earth Month, bag ni diperbuat daripada bleach-free canvas dan dalam bag ni ada tag Bag of Love yang diperbuat daripada recycled non-woven material

The tag yang sangat cantik!

Memang best lah Bag of Love ni
Boleh dapat beg cantik bersama barangan skin care yang ohsem!

Nak tau ape isi dalam Bag of Love ni?

First product yang anis guna : The Body Shop Quiet Night Dreamy Pillow & Body Mist
(100 ml, RM59)
Sample : 60 ml
Cara nak guna : Shake dulu and then spray dekat badan, bantal atau bed sheet sebelum tidur
Bau dia sangat-sangat la wangi dah macam bau dekat spa pulak
Memang tidur lena anis sampai mimpi indah-indah
Padahal tidur mati kan

Nuxe Brightening BB Cream SPF30/PA+++
(30 ml, RM120)
Sample : 15 ml
Bersyukur sangat dapat bb cream sebab bb cream anis dah nak habis
Bb cream ni texture nya agak nipis, ringan dan cepat menyerap ke dalam kulit
Bb cream ni fungsinya seperti foundation tetapi mempunyai fungsi-fungsi lain seperti menghilangkan kesan dark spot, mencantikkan dan moisturize muka kita
Dan fungsi utama bb cream ni adalah untuk brightening

Warna bb cream

How to use : Dot a pea-sized amount on forehead, nose, chin, and cheeks then blend the cream in gently
I'm wearing this bb cream that day

Kulit terasa lebih lembut dan licin selepas memakai bb cream ni
Kalau pakai hari-hari agak-agak boleh jadi flawless tak?

Decleor Hydra Floral Moisturizing Cream
(50 ml, RM271)
Sample : 15 ml
Masa anis squeeze moisturizer ni dekat tapak tangan anis, moisturizer cream ni keluar dalam bentuk cecair berminyak dan cream
It looks like the ingredients had been separated and might be because it is already expired or spoil or because of heat
And then, anis shake the tube dengan harapan the ingredients will mix up again and yeay, it backs to normal form but a little bit oily
Tapi anis rasa still boleh guna but i used it on hand instead of face
I love the smell
Bau macam dekat spa, bau aromatherapy yang sangat pleasant

Other than that, anis dapat voucher untuk buat Signature Aromaplasty Facial for RM98 (NP : RM230, 1hr 45mins)
I'm going to redeem this soon!

Phytovolume Volumizing Shampoo
(200 ml, RM88)
Sample : 50 ml
How to use : On wet hair, apply enough to create into a lather then rinse
Syampoo ni untuk fine hair
Memang sesuai sangat la untuk anis sebab rambut anis memang agak nipis
Kalau pegi saloon mesti akak saloon tu suggest produk untuk lebatkan rambut
Takut botak je nanti... Haaa...

Burt's Bees Richly Replenishing Cocoa & Cupuacu Butters Body Lotion
(170 ml, RM62.80)
Sample : 6.5 g
Lotion ini untuk dry skin, macam tau-tau aje anis ni ada masalah dry skin
Kalau nak tau, lotion ni 99% natural
Bau lotion ni bau cocoa butter yang pahit manis gitu

Definite Contour Brush
(Full-Size, RM88)
Sample : Full-Size
Dapat full size brush :)
Tq tq tq
How to use : Use on the face to apply, blend or contour powder products
Actually kan, anis memang tak pernah ada brush macam ni
So, i am very happy to have this brush

Thank you to The Butterfly Project-Beauty Bloggers that organize the contest and thank you to Bag of Love for the chance to review the bag
I love it so much and i really want to subscribe Bag of Love one day

The Butterfly Project-Beauty Bloggers facebook :

Bag of Love facebook :

Bag of Love website :

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