Aug 6, 2012

Nuffnang Premiere Screening Step Up Revolution

Hi semua
Hari rabu minggu lepas anis dapat invite untuk ke premiere screening cerite Step Up Revolution tapi anis tak dapat nak pergi disebabkan nak exam dan juga masalah lain
So, anis mintak arif dan kawan dia untuk wakilkan anis

Kat bawah ni review oleh arif

1st august, Step up revolution premiere screening at Cathy Cineplex, e@curve, Damansara.

Im a big fan of the last Step Up 3D especially Moose, which is supercool with his dance moves.
it's told that Moose will make an appearance in this latest franchise of Step Up.
Time to find out.

The story take place in Miami, where the MOB organize themselves with their leader, Sean.
At first they organize the MOB to get the attention of the public and upload their videos to Youtube for an online competition with a prize money.
But then Sean met his new boss, The Andersons Group, where they plan to develop their hometown.
Their MOB turn to protest against the company, with the aid of Anderson's daughter, Emily Anderson.
But this cause them to jeopardize their online competition which they are disqualified.
This cause the MOB to go separate ways as plans to develop their hometown has been approved.
But later they got back together to do a last mob, during the groundbreaking ceremony for the developement.
This is when Moose and other dance crew made their appearance. It was epic i tell you.
This last dance off made the Anderson change their mind not to develop Miami shore but instead doing a join venture with the MOB, where the MOB are offered to be the face of NIKE.

Overall it was a great movie, especially if you appreciate art. there are three dance routine that really amaze me.

First is the mob inside the art gallery, second is the office mob, and the last mob at the dock.
The music is fresh, which feature latest remixes and dubstep elements in the song.

Oh yeah, Nuffnang also gave me a copy of Step Up: Revolution original soundtrack, which is awesome.

Anis tak tengok lagi cerita ni, after exam maybe :)
Katanye Part Moose time last sekali...sedih sebab sikit je part die..
Ape2 pun still nak tengok cerita ni :)
#thankyouleechongwei (tetiba)

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  1. xdpt join gak.. just tak balas email pun.. xde org ganti..


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