Jul 20, 2012

How I Step Up With Nuffnang

Hello everyone ^_^

Yeepee! New Step Up movie will be showing this august!
Can't wait!
I still remember those dances in the previous Step Up movies which are really AWESOME!
And the new Step Up movie is Step Up Revolution : One Step Can Change Your World...auww!
Step Up Revolution

Don't you think that this guy is cute???
adam g. sevani
Adam G. Sevani
I like the way he dance, so cool bebeh!
And in this new Step Up movie, he's back!
Must watch this movie because i wanna watch he dance and make my heart melt again LOL!

Thus, in order to make he fall in love with me, i wanna step up with him!
No lah, just kidding :p

So, how I step up with Nuffnang???
A flash mob of course!

Who will be involve in this flash mob?
All Nuffies, bloggers and dancers or anyone who interested in dancing :)

So, how my flash mob will be?

First, I will create 4 simple steps together with professional choreographer
The first step is robot dance together with any electronic song
robot dance
This will represent the Nuffnang stickman
For the first move, all participant will hold a blue balloon and at the end of the first step, everyone will release the balloons into the air with the stickman style in the Nuffnang logo, like this :

Then, second song starts and the second step ready to move on
The second step will be street dance which is more relaxing and easy to catch up

The dance will represent Nuffnang which is the FIRST BLOG ADVERTISING COMMUNITY

The third step is hip-hop or break dance by professional dancers
The hip-hop dancers will wear roller blade and it will be very exciting dance!
This dance will shows that Nuffnang is not just for advertising, but it is beyond that
Through Nuffnang, Nuffies may participate in a lot of cool events and also winning super duper awesome prizes and many more!

The last step will be kpop dance, yeay!
Surely most of the teenagers master all famous kpop dances already and it will be easy for me to lead them :)
For example, Girls Generation-Gee song dance
That point finger kind of dance (don't know how to explain, LOL)
For the last step, the music will be Nyan Cat song...hahaha :p

After all dance steps created, I will upload it and let Nuffies and others to practice
I will also make #StepUpWithNuffnang trending in Twitter so that a lot of people will know about that and hoping for more and more participant
Other than that, I will create an event in Facebook and invite all my friends, bloggers and also Nuffies
Who knows, maybe our Prime Minister would like to join the flash mob...right??? :D

Done with the dance, now let's talk about the theme.
I think the theme must be BLUE because this flash mob is for Nuffnang ^_^
All participant must wear anything in blue, must be blue!

For the venue, a large space will be needed and I think Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur will be great because there are a lot of shopping complex nearby and surely there will be massive crowd of people there and they can join the flash mob too :)
Police traffic will play a big role!

Fewh...I think that's all i need to organize for my flash mob :)
I think it will be an awesome flash mob and it will be uploaded in YouTube so that people all around the world can watch it and learn the dance steps...
Till then, XOxo

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  1. amboi..mesti ade jgak tarian robot tu.. :D
    bella suka tengok step up..sebab suka Adam...auww..muehehe


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