May 12, 2012

excite your senses with LG Cinema 3D


The Avengers. The movie that i really want to watch over and over again!
it will be more fun if i can watch it in 3D
but of course, it is impossible for me to watch it in cinema everyday, i am not that rich
apart from that, watching 3D movie in cinema is pretty expensive for pay 20 ringgit (example) for one movie and you can only watch it once
of course there will be a part/scene that you want to rewind and watch it again because sometime you could be distracted during watching movie in cinema like baby crying, people talking to his friend and the whole cinema can hear him... stress!
let be no worry everyone, because LG has a brand new LG 3D Smart TV!

with this LG 3D Smart TV, you can watch 3D movies just like in cinema
it will be exciting if i can watch action movie with LG 3D Smart TV

other than movies, it will be a lot of fun if i can watch Taylor Swift live concert straight away from my tv and i will feel like i'm there, at the concert. so syok!


1 comment:

  1. aritu tengok the avengers 3d, best woooo. :D

    follow anis di blog n twitter. XD

    sy org kb jugak. :)


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