Apr 14, 2012

pepper lunch express

hi semua
pernah tak makan dekat pepper lunch express?

for the first time anis try makan waktu pergi premiere screening The Lorax dekat Mid Valley
pepper lunch express available dekat food court Mid Valley yang tingkat atas sekali tuh
seriously i love it so much!
first time anis try makan Chicken Pepper Rice
sangat sedap, nasi dia bukan sekadar nasi...rase macam nasi tu dimasak dengan marjerin
dan lauk which is the ayam dimasak on the spot kat atas hot plate tuh, ala-ala sizzling
while my Mr. Ehem pulak makan Salmon Pepper Rice, pown sedap jugak

this is how it looks
gambar dicilok dari page Pepper Luch

why no picture by myself???
stomach speaks louder than camera

second time anis makan dekat food court KLCC, tingkat atas sekali (can't remember which level)
this time, i try beef pepper rice
 pown gambar dari page PepperLunch Malaysia
this so yummy too!
should try this everyone
for pricing, it is around RM7 and above
for me, it is affordable lah kan...snack plate KFC lagi mahal kot
 again, i recommend you to try this out
rasenye dekat Sunway Pyramid also got one Pepper Lunch franchise and i think there is student price, got discount/special deal when you show your student ID

warning: jangan nak gelojoh sangat makan tu sebab panas, tiup fuh fuh dulu sebelum makan, takut nanti terbakar lidah baru la nak meraung

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